If you're looking for a sexy, slim woman, you've come to the wrong place.

I wrote in a blog post earlier on that once I'd lost a stone, I'd post a 'before and after' photo of myself in my underwear. I wanted to see if I looked any different and also use the photos as a frame of reference along my journey. I don't know about other people, however I think I have a tendency to obsess about the number on the scales and it has ruled my mood in the past - If the number is less than it was before, I feel happy and motivated, however if the number on the scales is more than it was before, I feel like a failure and am more likely to throw the towel in as it's obviously 'not working'.

Thing is, I know my body changes - It puts on a few lbs before my period and I can fluctuate from day to day, even if I only eat healthy. Therefore I thought if I took a photo when I started this journey and took a photo every time I lost a stone, I could see if I looked visibly different, 

Well, here we go, the first one.

Yup, I can't say I'm overly excited about seeing myself in my underwear, but you know what? Everyone has to start somewhere and also, when I get to my goal, I think I'll look really different and I'll look at these photos and feel really proud of how far I've come. Looking at the photos, I think the biggest thing that stands out is that my stomach seems to have shrunk. Do my thighs look smaller? No, not from the photo, however I have noticed that my jeans are a lot less tight and things that I couldn't wear 2 months ago, now fit a lot better. I'd like to think that another stone and I'll have lost a lot more weight around my middle and the difference between my first photo and the next one, will be really profound.

I know I need to try and stand in the same place so it's a better reference, I'll bear that in mind next time. I plan to try and update this page every time I've lost a stone, so if I carry on at the same rate (e.g. half a stone a month) look back at this page at the end of August, beginning of September. I can't promise you 'sexy underwear shots', all I can promise is me, looking like, well... me but hopefully slimmer and healthier :-)

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