Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Best holiday ever

I had the BEST holiday with my friend

Although I am not exactly 'famous', working in I.T means I'm ultra paranoid, so I didn't exactly mention where I was going on holiday - Well, now I'm back, I can.. I went to Brighton with my friend and stayed at 'The Grand' which was just.... brilliant. Life has changed a lot for my friend and I - She divorced her husband a year or so ago, has been back in the dating scene (and is now head over heels in love with someone!) had a gastric bypass last December and has lost over 7 stone - in fact, she told me that she has now lost 78% of her excess weight... and anything over 70% and the surgery is deemed 'successful' Honestly - she looks great :-)

We're both very crazy people, so we had an absolutely brilliant holiday - we went to the Brighton Pavilion (It's so beautiful inside, I had no idea..) The Brighton Museum, Preston park... we walked up and down the Pier and here's the thing - I've got photos of me! Actual photos of me! On holiday! This is such a big thing for me as I look back over the other holidays I've had - Las Vegas, New York, Thailand...even UK breaks... and I have very few, if any photographs that have me in them. Yet despite not being happy with how I look, I think I look OK - I actually even think there are a couple, where I look nice in them :-)

The biggest thing was my friend and I, dressing up in the 'old style' costumes and having our photo taken... I'm smoking a cigar... she's got a bottle of whiskey... they're brilliant and it's a great reminder of a fantastic holiday. 

As holidays go... We ate.. a lot. There's no denying it. Both nights we went to fish restaurants and both nights we didn't have a starter or a main - whilst the first night we got horrendously drunk, the second night, we didn't touch alcohol and just had a really nice fish dinner. I had crab and despite getting incredibly messy... now know how to dissect a whole crab, which was.... interesting :-)

Also, we walked LOADS... The first day, we did 23,000 steps, the second day, we did 27,000 steps and yesterday, despite leaving at midday, we did over 17,000 steps as we walked to Preston Manor and had a quick look around before walking the 1.2 miles back to the car. So yeah.. even though we didn't eat overly healthily (I won't lie.. I had a cooked breakfast on both days in the hotel), we did do a lot of walking and my body felt absolutely fine. 

After getting back yesterday, I stopped off quickly at the supermarket and bought some fresh bread. I don't really eat a lot of bread at all... but for some reason, was craving it. So, rather than have ham.. or even cheese. I decided to have an open fish finger sandwich... it was lovely :-) This morning, as I still have most of the loaf left, I decided to have scrambled eggs on two slices of toast. It's funny, as some people whip the eggs up before putting them into the pan, however as I'm lazy in regards to washing up, I just scramble them in the pan, before they get too hot... No butter or spread on my bread and now both slices are in my tummy :-)

It was an absolutely brilliant, brilliant holiday and now I'm back, I still feel really tired, it's like it's 'in my bones' at the moment (I know, that sounds dramatic) and I'm kicking myself that the next 2 days aren't as chilled as I would like them to be as one of my sisters is driving to see me at the moment and tomorrow I've got an early dentists appointment, then am seeing my Mother, then am driving back and seeing a friend for dinner and she's coming over to my house.... Even writing that makes me 'Urghh..'

I know it will be fun, but I'm really tired and at the moment, all I want to do is veg out in front of my sofa... watch TV and just.... chiiiiill, However, I appreciate my sister making the effort, so will try and energise myself in the next hour ... Thankfully, Friday is pretty quiet and I've decided I am making absolutely no plans at all.

I'm not sure what I'll do for lunch for my sister... we may go out, but after 3 days of no routine / no healthy eating and 'holiday food'... I really like the sound of a nice salad at the moment...

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