Thursday, 27 August 2015

A size 14 is for life, not just for Christmas

I know, I know.. it's only August and I said the 'C word'

However it's my goal to wear a pair of size 14 jeans (And that's a size 14 I buy in the shops at the time... not a size 14 that's in my wardrobe that I've stretched when being a size 16...) on Christmas day and despite my 3-4 weeks of unhealthy eating, I'm completely 'back on the wagon' and raring to go with a lot of motivation.... However different shops have a different take on what a size 14 is - So to be perfectly clear.. I'm aiming for a size 14 in Next.. All of my jeans and trousers are from Next and I like the fit. 

Christmas is only my first goal, but I think it's a good one as I don't think I can remember a Christmas where I was 1. A size 14... or 2. Happy with how I looked... Most Christmases, round about the beginning of December, I'm already eating loads of mince pies, drinking lots of mulled wine like it's going out of fashion and copious amounts of cheese - this is all very well and good, but it means that by Christmas day, I've already put on a lot of weight, if not gone up a dress size.... I really don't want this year to be the same.

So, with basically 4 months to go... (that's a THIRD of a year!) I should definitely be able to hit my goal if I stay motivated.. Anyone else feel like a challenge? 

Thing is, it needs to be a life change to be sustainable, right? so I'm trying to tackle the small things first.

Objectives for the next 4 months

1. Eat healthy but not obsess - If I want a bar of chocolate, I'll eat one, but on the whole, choose healthy options. 

2. Continue to blog even if I don't eat healthy - My main aim of this blog was to be honest, warts and all.. I'm not a saint and whilst I do have a lot of willpower, sometimes I will choose something unhealthy. I guess that's normal as I don't think it would be much of a fun life if I constantly deprived myself of chocolate / pizza / wine... Everything in moderation, right? Plus, I should be able to eat unhealthily sometimes.. and STILL lose weight.

3. I'm going to weigh myself once a month, starting with the 30th September - I don't want to weigh myself at the moment as I think I'm heavier than I was when I last weighed myself and don't want to get demotivated. I think by the end of September, I'll have lost that weight and hopefully more and it will help me track my progress for the next few months 

4. Find new and interesting healthy foods and recipes - I think this one is important and it's something I can do in my routine. I think it would be good to find new and healthy things to eat (like the different marinated chicken escalopes I recently found at Marks and Spencers) as eating the same things day in and day out gets really boring, really fast.

Today was certainly a day for new things as I ate yet another different chicken escalope - 'Piri piri' chcken with steamed vegetables and rosemary roasted potatoes. I'll be honest, I didn't think it was as nice as the chicken I ate with my boyfriend last night (coconut and lime leaf), however considering I don't really like spicy things, it wasn't spicy at all and was absolutely fine. Whilst I did buy bananas today when I went food shopping, they're actually too green to eat, so tomorrow's breakfast is malt loaf and prunes... A bit random perhaps, but I like prunes and also like the fact that since eating healthy... everything is just so... *ahem* regular... :-)

As I've said before. I'm nothing special.. I'm very normal (slightly insane, but hey) but I'm determined to become more healthy and the fact I've got 1/3rd of a year to really get into it and wake up on Christmas day actually feeling like I've achieved part of my overall goal would be great.... It's not rocket science and I'll just be taking one day at a time....

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