Sunday, 2 August 2015

No time to even think?

I'm off in 35 minutes.. so this will be a quick one!

Breakfast: Packet of Belvita Biscuits
Lunch: Chicken and bacon baked pasta
Dinner: BBQ chicken / 2 sausages and 1 chinese spare rib with 4 veggie kebabs
Snack: Slick of Victoria sponge cake / Packet of Cadbury buttons

Yesterday was great fun, but quite hectic. My boyfriend and I got up quite early and headed down to the antiques auction we usually frequent once a month. I felt utterly knackered - not just because I got up early, but because I didn't go to bed until after 12:30 as my Boyfriend had come back from Thorpe Park last night and suggested we go for a 'Night drive' - it was fun, I enjoyed telling him what I had got up to during the day (Pottery painting etc) but I swear if I don't get 8 hours sleep, I feel really exhausted.

Unfortunately as I was exhausted, I didn't bother eating breakfast and as there wasn't anything at the auction we wanted, we left there and decided to head to the South coast(ish) and got to Chichester as it was a lovely day. On our way down, we saw a brown sign for 'Butser Ancient Farm' and as I thought that sounded random and crazy, suggested we stop. It was a lot more interesting and big than we thought - we had assumed it would be some crazy archaeologists in a field, digging things, but it was a whole village recreation of neolithic, Mesolithic and other ages. As it was 10:30 and I hadn't eaten anything, I was in a rather bad mood - I then found some Belvita Biscuits in my boyfriends car and decided to eat those - Not great, but better than a full fry up, I guess. 

We wandered round there for a good hour or so before heading off - The people were lovely and if we had wanted to stay longer, they would have given us a tour, but we continued onto Chichester. By the time we had found parking, it was lunch time and I was still starving so we literally went into the first restaurant we found in the centre. I ordered some chicken and bacon pasta as all the salads had things in them I didn't like - walnuts, blue cheese, avocado.. not a fan of any of them, I'm afraid! Why is it so hard to stick to 'normal' salad things?

After lunch, we went to the Cathedral, which was absolutely beautiful and after a very scenic wander round, we then decided to go to Fishbourne Roman Palace which was very closeby. 10 minutes in the car and we arrived, paid entry fee (£8.50 for an adult) and wandered into the 15 minute video which the lady on the front desk seemed desperate to show us and the other people who had just arrived. It was interesting - narrated by Tony Robinson no less! I won't say a lot about the place as I'm running out of time, however to my mind, it's certainly worth a visit and the mosaics are beautiful.

A cup of tea and slice of cake later (I know, I know) and we drove back home via a Farm Shop to pick up some meat for dinner so we could have a BBQ. The Farm shop isn't one we go into frequently, but they have an amazing vegetable and meat selection and after buying a lot of stuff, we headed back to my Boyfriends house to do the food. 

It was really, really lovely - especially the vegetable kebabs which I made and my Boyfriend brushed them with some oil infused with Basil.. you could really taste the Basil.. Yummy! It was also lovely just sitting in the sun and talking to him. However, as his Sky Box is dead, we aren't able to watch any TV so after dinner, we decided to go to the pub with one of his friends and I stayed there until after 10pm...

Looking back at what I ate today has genuinely shocked me. I didn't think it was that bad, however let's be honest, apart from the veggie kebabs, it's hardly healthy. This is quite frustrating as I had been thinking I'd been getting back in 'the zone' however I'm obviously not overly mindful about what I'm putting in my body and if I don't change this, my body won't change overall... 

I'm up so early as I'm off for a 'mini break' with my Gastric Bypass friend... I am taking my laptop so look out for interesting food posts in the next few days :-) What I wouldn't give for a lie-in right now! :-)

Today is another day to put good things in my body!

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