Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Easy healthy eating - Routine is everything

Still motivated.. still eating healthy

As it's Tuesday today, I was working from home and once again, slept really well. It's funny.. but healthy eating seems to affect my life in so many positive ways after only a few days - I sleep better, I feel better, even my 'movements' *ahem* are really regular and fine.... And of course, I'm losing weight (although I will be honest and say I haven't stepped onto the scales for 6 weeks, so don't know exactly what I weigh at the moment). However things are all great...

One thing that struck me is - When I was on garden leave, I was pretty much routine-less... I could go to bed when I wanted, get up when the mood took me - I was always out seeing friends, seeing family. it was great, however there was very little to no routine.. This meant that despite my good intentions, after the first week of my month long garden leave... I was really struggling to eat healthily and when it came to my holiday in Brighton, I decided 'Sod it, I'll eat what I want and restart when I start my new job' which I did - For the last 1.5 weeks, I've been doing so well and it's so easy - Why?

I think it's routine - It's just so easy as you don't need to think about it. Get up, have a shower, go to work.. eat breakfast.. work.. lunch.. work.. home.. dinner... sleep - Then repeat. It's kinda like a lovely computer program, where you do the same thing every day. Of course, you could see friends, rather than just go home.. but I love having structure, I love routine - It might not work for everyone, but it totally works for me. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at relatively the same time, I eat the same things for breakfast more often than not.. it's great. If it gets boring, then I'll make a change (Note I'm not eating porridge for breakfast at the moment!).

Breakfast for me today was a banana and some malt loaf, whilst lunch was something different - as I was working from home, I took advantage of the fact I had a working oven, so had a paprika turkey breast in a pita bread with a raw pepper and some hummus - it was absolutely delicious and very filling. After more work, I went to my counselling appointment as normal and today was quite intense - for some reason we spoke about the fact I hate being late for things, I find it really stressful - I feel it's as if you're saying to the person who you keep waiting 'My time is more important than yours' and I find it really rude...... However I worry way too much.. like, not just a little bit, but if I'm 2-3 minutes late, it's a real thing for me.

Another thing for me at the moment is the fact that my boyfriend and I are still not using any protection when we're 'having fun'... it's blowing my mind at the moment as I do want children with him and obviously that's how a baby is going to be made, but it's almost as if it's too scary to do - I'm 33, so hardly 'young', but I still think I am not a grown up, that I couldn't possibly be ready to be a Mother.. that if a test comes back positive, I'm going to totally freak out - however I imagine most women might think like that? Argh. Scary stuff....

Dinner was lovely - I made some minced beef wraps with salad and a sprinkling of mozzarella. I'm trying not to eat too much red meat, but I don't want to completely rule it out of my diet - everything in moderation, right? and now I'm sat on my sofa... watching Louis Theroux interview American Doctors regarding critical illness... it's not exactly a happy program, but interesting. It also hammers home the fact that I should be grateful for my health and I shouldn't take things for granted....That every day I eat healthy is basically an 'investment' into my wellbeing and the more weight I lose, the more healthy I will be (within reason.. I don't want to be underweight!).

Roll on Wednesday :-)

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