Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Back to normal?

Today has been probably one of the most busy-but-boring days I’ve had in a while.

Busy, because my lovely work colleague is still off and therefore I’m currently holding the fort in her areas as well, however boring because nothing bad happened at work, my Boss wasn’t in, the woman (I believe) he’s sleeping with wasn’t in and as such, the atmosphere was rather, well… calm. It made me question my desire to leave - There are lots of nice people in the company, it's a short commute, I've got a really good work / life balance.... However I then reminded myself that sadly it's not 'normally' like this and I spend most of my days very anxious about what's going to happen next.

I also got positive feedback from the Recruiter about my interview yesterday and the company have confirmed they’d like me in again – Crikey.. I actually felt my stomach tighten slightly when I read it as I’m a bit more invested with the company and the idea of working for them. Ahh well, let’s see what the next couple of weeks hold, eh?

My period is definitely just around the corner and usually 2-3 days beforehand I’m fighting off cravings to eat more than usual and that ‘more’ being chocolate and anything fatty that tastes nice. Oddly, I don’t feel like that at the moment so I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been healthy eating for a while now, or if I’m just trying harder to listen to what my body wants, but either way.. I’m feeling more, ‘in control’ I guess.

Breakfast was, well.. why don’t you guess? :-) Porridge, of course whilst lunch was the sushi I didn’t eat yesterday. Even though I had my food in the fridge, I still went into town as had to pick up the ingredients to make the healthy fajitas for my friend coming over to my house after work as well as pay a cheque into the bank and purchase some stamps and buy the birds some more bird food.  

At the moment, all I seem to be doing is buying the little feathered tweeting things food – I thought they weren’t supposed to need as much food in the summer as there were more bugs to eat, however all of them sit in my back garden, on my fence in the morning, waiting for me to feed them with bird seed, fat balls and tasty sunflower seeds like they are in some kind of mafia.

Fajitas were lovingly provided by the Spicery - the present my sister got me for Christmas that just keeps giving :-) 

It was really nice seeing my friend this evening, she looks so amazing now - over 7.5 stone lost! When I told her that I'd lost 8.5 lbs and my main goal was to wear size 14 jeans by Christmas, she was really supportive and told me that she had bought some size 14 clothes! I have to say, there was a slight green eyed monster, however 99.9% of me was just really chuffed for her as despite what people say, I don't think the gastric bypass is an 'easy' choice and she made the right choice for her. 

We had a massive catch up and watched amazing television stored on my Sky planner such as 'Virgin coaches' (where Christians in America wait until their wedding night to have sex, therefore go to a sex retreat to talk about things, so it's not as much of a shock) and 'Sex Clinic' where people in London have had unprotected sex and the copious amounts of diseases they are tested for.... Exciting times!

Tomorrow I'm heading 3 hours 'Up North' to this work thing - I'm not overly looking forward to it, but it does mean I'm out the office, so it's not all bad :-)

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