Sunday, 7 June 2015

Back to reality

Hello Berkshire, I've (not) missed you...

Sadly the Northumberland holiday has come to an end. As I sit on my sofa, with all of my letters on my coffee table to open in a moment and the washing in the washing machine, I'm quite sad that we're not still in Northumberland, exploring the local scenery, going on a boat trip or just enjoying spending time together. As per usual, my boyfriends' parents were so lovely and accommodating - His mother even said I was welcome to visit them whenever I wanted. Not being at work and being able to think about other things, rather than constantly worry about what my Boss and the not-so-friendly-colleague are doing behind my back has been really, really nice and I wish it could continue for the next, um, lifetime? 

As well as unpacking and mentally preparing myself for work tomorrow, I've been revising for an interview on Tuesday - Yup, I seem to have found a company that is crazy enough to at least want to talk to me about a role and whilst I'm not 100% sure as to whether it's the right fit for me, I've tried to remain positive, after all - What have I got to lose? If they think I'm not the right fit, I'll treat it as experience and point out to myself that my CV can't be that bad.... So there are currently a number of handwritten pieces of paper on my sofa, with scribbles :-)

So, what about the food? Well, today has been: Porridge and blueberries for breakfast, some Marks and Spencers sweet chilli hot smoked salmon / a hard boiled egg / some fruit for lunch and for dinner, a grilled chicken breast in a pita bread with some BBQ sauce.

I don't know if that's too much or too little? My stomach hasn't been rumbling and I've been paying attention to how I'm feeling when eating. I've also meal planned for the next week - The breakfasts should be obvious by now, so I won't bother including them :-)

Monday 8th June
Lunch - Something healthy from Marks and Spencers in town
Dinner - Healthy KFC Wrap 
Tuesday 9th June
Lunch - Sushi in London (dependant on interview result)
Dinner - Grilled gammon with sweet potato mash and vegetables
Wednesday 10th June
Lunch - Something healthy from Marks and Spencers in town
Dinner - 'Make your own healthy chicken fajitas' (My friend who had the gastric bypass is coming over, so she can put as much or as little in her fajitas as she wants)
Thursday 11th June
Now, Thursday and Friday pose a problem as I'm away on a company 'thing' overnight, usually, I'd eat rubbish or something from the hotel, however I'm going to try and plan ahead, but it's too far away to buy things. I'm sure I'll find something though... watch this space :-)
Friday 12th June
See above!
Saturday 13th June
Lunch - Healthy chicken salad
Dinner - Healthy chilli with rice
Sunday 14th June
BBC Good Food Show! So my boyfriend and I will no doubt find something nice (and healthy) to eat for lunch and cook for dinner :-)

Writing it out actually forces me to think about things - Especially regarding my time away with my company. What should I take? Will there be a place nearby to buy healthy food? Should I ensure I've got some healthy snacks and a big bottle of water to get me through?

It also highlights the fact that I depend a lot on a supermarket for lunches, when I could be making my own and having more control over what's in them. The fact I only got back from Northumberland a little while ago means that all the shops are shut as it's a Sunday, however that's not an excuse I can use next week, or the week after that. 

I'm wondering whether to step on the scales tomorrow morning, just to see if my mindfulness over the last few days whilst on holiday has paid off, or if eating out 3 days in a row has meant I've put on weight. I'm in two minds about it as on one hand, it's not the end of the month, or even two weeks since I stepped on the scales (10 days so far), on the other hand, I want to know if I'm doing OK as I've been eating differently to what I usually do (more restaurants, less cooking).

I'm now going to enjoy my last night of chilling, try and sleep well and try not to get too anxious about going to work tomorrow.... 

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