Saturday, 20 June 2015

Take.. THAT!

Yesterday was the first day since I started this blog that I didn't post anything

I thought that might be the case as I was completely non stop and didn't actually get back home until after midnight :-) 

My morning started off really well as I had a telephone interview at 08:00 so I decided to eat my breakfast (porridge) at home and chat to the interviewer on the phone before heading into work. I somehow seemed to have nailed the interview as he said 'I know you need to go soon, but I'm really enjoying our chat' and affirmed on the phone he'd like to take it forward to meet me face to face. I felt really happy as it was more 'evidence', I guess, that I'm not as useless as I'm currently feeling at work and once again, it was as if more doors were opening with a big green 'exit' sign on them, showing me that there are ways out of being unhappy.

Not getting into work until 9:00am was weird, as I'm usually at my desk at 7:45, however the morning went quickly and at lunch time my friend and I went for a walk to the post office and then grabbed some food on the way back. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with myself for my choices. They're hardly the worst things to put in your body, however I didn't plan beforehand and didn't feel it was as unprocessed as I'd like it to be. 

The afternoon went quite quickly as well as despite my Boss being in again - I managed to mostly avoid him which was good. Seeing him every single day this week has been so mentally tough as I've had to put on such a 'mask' and pretend I'm happy / motivated etc, when looking at his diary he seems to have booked another 6 hour shagathon important work meeting with my female colleague to discuss another one of my business areas. However, I have a feeling this may all come to a head soon as I have my annual appraisal next Tuesday, so watch this space, I guess....

I left work early and walked to the train station as I was going to see... TAKE THAT! at the O2 in London with my boyfriend. Here's the thing, despite being incredibly stubborn and very obstinate, I seem to be incredibly susceptible to marketing - Usually when it involves the use of cute animals trying to sell something (I'm so proud of myself for not buying hundreds of packets of McVities biscuits after watching the cute kittens come out of the packet) however after Christmas, I was on my sofa, alone, drinking wine and an advert for Take That comes on and I think 'Cool, I've seen them twice before and they were good, so let's go again' - Texted my boyfriend and he said 'sure', and so here we are...

We got to London easily enough and I ran to the 'usual' sushi place to pick up my dinner whilst he went to Marks and Spencers and got an awful lot of meat (as he's now in full-swing low carb diet mode). Once dinner was acquired, we headed to North Greenwich and sat in the sun eating our respective dinners. I think I bought a tad too much dinner, however in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too bad - 4 salmon nigiri, 4 tamago (egg) nigiri, one salmon rice triangle, one prawn tempura wrap and a custard pancake. I think the custard pancake made me go from comfortable to 'full', which is a feeling I'm trying to avoid as much as possible.

Queuing up and getting into the O2, I didn't remember the seats being so small - I know I'm overweight, but wow - these were SMALL. We got there before the doors opened, so were sitting down for a good hour before Ella Henderson came on. I didn't know who she was at first, however after a couple of her more famous songs including Ghost which I have to admit, I rather like - the crowd really seemed to perk up and get more excited. 

Then it was time for Take That - They were good, but having seen them twice in Wembley when they had 4 and 5 members of their band, seeing only 3 of them on stage felt a little sad and I don't think it had as much 'wow' factor in it. We were sat near the end of a row and the women to my left KEPT getting up and wanting to get drinks / go to the toilet and it was driving me crazy as we obviously had to stand up too, to let them out. My back started to really hurt half way through and the tiny, uncomfortable seats didn't do much to appease it, sadly.

It was a good night and I don't regret paying the ticket price, however my boyfriend agreed that the other two shows he had been to, were better. I'd still go and see them again, however if they were in the O2, I think it would actually be better if we bought standing tickets!

After the first encore, we did a very quick march back to the tube, back to the station and then back home on the train. We got back home just after midnight and I fell in bed (well, delicately placed myself in bed, to try to avoid injuring my back any further :-)) and I woke up this morning at 8:30. 

I'm still in bed, with a nice cup of tea, listening to the birds tweet in the trees and am looking forward to not only eating my kipper for breakfast (one of the '5 for £5' ones I bought at the BBC Good Food Show last weekend) but also seeing two of my friends this weekend for a well overdue catch up. As one of my friends isn't arriving until 1pm, I am going to have a fantastically lazy morning, doing a few chores, food shopping but most of all, enjoying the fact I'm not at work :-)

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