Monday, 8 June 2015

Interview tomorrow

I've not been to an interview for over 5 years

Taken them, yes - hundred of telephone and face to face interviews for various roles in my company, however I've not actually been the recipient for a very long time. I wasn't sure if this was a good job for me, however the more I've researched the company and the role, it actually sounds quite interesting and if I'm going to go to an interview, I'd much rather revise / prepare and research the company as much as I can, otherwise what's the point unless you give it your all?

I don't know if I'll pass the test (yes, there's a 90 minute test first) let alone the interview stage afterwards, but I'm trying to remain positive, not allow my nerves to take over and am currently ignoring the voice in my head that says 'You're not good enough'. 

Work was fine, especially considering my lovely colleague is on Holiday so I'm picking up all of her responsibilities as well. I also survived the weekly meeting with my Boss - I still believe he's hiding something, but either way, it's another week of surviving. 

I am not ignoring my body, however - I think as time goes on, I'm genuinely feeling less hungry between meals. I don't know if it's because my body doesn't expect crisps / chocolate every few hours or because my stomach has shrunk, maybe it's a combination of the two? Either way, after I walked into town to get some houmous, tomatoes, pepper and some calamari (thought it made a change from the pita breads!) I happily munched my lunch at 1:00pm and am just about to eat my dinner 6 hours later.....  

I didn't eat all of the tomatoes (maybe a quarter of the pack?) and also only ate half of the houmous. I did however, eat all of the calamari and the pepper :-)

Dinner was as I planned, a really healthy KFC wrap which is one of those dishes where it shouldn't taste as good as it does, as it's quite low in fat? Tomorrow will be more difficult as I'm in London for the interview so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about lunch. I think I might buy a big bottle of water, take one of my nakd bars with me so if I don't get chance to have lunch, I won't be as ravenous as I could be, afterwards. When I'm really, really hungry, my willpower decreases, so I want to give myself a fighting chance to avoid that.

I'm still really pleased with the figure the scales showed this morning, however I shouldn't become complacent, nor should I assume things will continue at the same pace, especially as my period is due in 3 days and that always plays havoc with my body and weight. So I'll stay away from the scales for another week at least -In some ways, I actually think that staying away from the scales is harder than not eating junk food... It's as if I need the positive reinforcement from something as without it, I don't know if I'd be able to keep motivated.

Tonight I'm going to take care of myself - I'm going to revise a little bit more and then I'm going to have a bath, make sure I know what I'm wearing tomorrow and get an early night.

.. Wish me luck! :-)

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