Friday, 12 June 2015

Protein pots are taking over the world

Oh my Goodness, 4 hours of driving to get home

I'm so tired! There were massive delays on all the roads I was driving on, and as I use my phone for Sat-Nav, I was petrified the battery was going to run out and I was going to be lost. Thankfully, I made it home with 7% to spare, but 4 hours of non-stop driving and bad period pains are not a fun thing at all.

Apart from the drive home, it's not been a bad day. I can't say my hotel was great as it was an odd time share, thus there wasn't a main building but loads of 'lodges' which meant there wasn't a main car park either. Having got back at 11:00pm last night and finding the main car park full, I decided to lovingly dump my car under a tree, on a grassy verge and hope that it wouldn't get clamped or the hotel get annoyed with me. Turns out, nothing happened to it - apart from a loving 'deposit' from a local bird as I realised this morning that I'd parked it under a rather large tree....

After waking up, I discovered that I had started my period (well done body, bang on time this month) and as I suffer quite bad cramps, would need to take some Ibruprofen in a couple of hours. I didn't want to take it on a (very) empty stomach, so decided to investigate the hotels breakfast offerings before heading off to the company event again. 

I used to be so self conscious, the thought of eating breakfast on my own in a strange restaurant would have scared me enough to go hungry, however as I used to be a Consultant, I got used to eating alone quite quickly so I just brought my phone with me so I could browse the Internet and got settled at a table after asking for a nice cup of tea. 

Despite not eating much yesterday, I didn't want to go crazy, nor start the day thinking 'I can eat more as there is a deficit of calories at the moment', so decided I'd go for a cooked breakfast, but moderate what I ate - therefore filling me up but not going crazy. Looking at my plate, I have to say, I'm quite chuffed that once again, I'm not making bad choices - I cut the fat off the bacon and chose a fried, rather than scrambled egg as I didn't know if they scrambled egg had been mixed with anything - butter, or cheese, for example. I also had some orange juice, but was careful only to have a small glass as I know that there are 'hidden' calories in juice and whilst it's healthy, it also contains a hell of a lot of fruit sugar.

I also didn't feel guilty - You don't usually equate 'cooked breakfast' with 'healthy' and I'm sure I could be even more healthy by eating fruit etc, but I want to be realistic and not deprive myself of everything - Plus, I was impressed I stayed away from the pastries section :-)

After a lovely breakfast, I checked out of the hotel, picked up my non-clamped car and headed off to the nearest Superstore to buy some supplies for two of my colleagues who are organising the event. In Berkshire, you don't really get such large Co-Op's, it's usually either Tescos, Sainsburys or ASDA that take up that space, however this was literally the biggest Co-Op I had ever seen and it was so clean, so tidy and everything was perfectly arranged on shelves... 

As well as buying copious amounts of orange juice and Mountain Dew for them, I picked myself up some lunch in the form of a protein pot - It had half an egg, some hot smoked salmon and some red quinoa in a vinaigerette - It's as if everyone is now doing these protein pots! I bought one from Marks and Spencers last week that contained eggs and spinach and it was the first time I had seen them, but they now seem to be taking over the world.

Despite everyone else eating burgers, hotdogs and all kinds of other things, I was quite happy with my find in the Co-Op, especially as I still had a full punnet of strawberries left from yesterday and a Bakewell Tart nakd bar in my handbag... Almost sounds like a proper meal :-)

After getting home from the nightmare journey, I discovered that amongst other tasty treats, Riverford had delivered me some really nice new potatoes, greens and carrots, so I roasted some potatoes with rosemary and steamed a couple of carrots and some greens. Thankfully, I had one Quorn mozzarella and pesto escalope left and as such, I didn't need to go out food shopping which I was so happy about, considering the last 4 hours :-)

Unfortunately, my hair appointment has been cancelled tomorrow due to the hair stylist being ill, so whilst that's a shame, I can't deny I'm looking forward to a massive lie in, a nice cup of tea and eating some kippers that I bought with my boyfriend in Northumberland - Maybe I can revisit our holiday, if only from the food I eat!

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