Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Road Trip

I love being on holiday

Today marks the first of three days that I'm on holiday and already I'm feeling calmer, happier and more positive.

Not having to set an alarm and waking up naturally was bliss and I managed to sleep for over 8 hours, only finally leaving my comfy and warm bed after 9am. Had a shower, washed my hair (an operation that always needs to be planned as it's so thick and long) and started packing my suitcase, ready to take to Northumberland later on tonight. Before 10:00am, I'd already received 2 phone calls from recruiters which I was quite chuffed about - even if they don't come to fruition, it's nice to get some positive feedback that maybe you're not as useless that you've come to believe.

Breakfast was a lovely cup of jasmine tea and porridge with blueberries, although I actually tried a 'Honey and Vanilla' pot, rather than my usual 'Golden Syrup'. It was OK, however I now know why there's usually a big hole on the supermarket shelf regarding the Golden Syrup pots and everything else is still there - Not sure I'd try it again to be honest.

Sitting on the sofa, I decided to add a couple more recipes to my website and proudly update how much weight I've lost so far. I also did the fun task of paying my gas and electricity bill (I just don't trust them with a Direct Debit so phone them up once every 3 months with my debit card) and watch some South Park episodes that I had on my Sky Planner. 

Lunch was a rather nice pot of butternut squash risotto - I actually forgot I bought it last weekend, so decided to use it up, rather than it go to waste. It's surprisingly filling and very quick to heat up if you're on the move. 

I then went out to 'prep' for the 6 hour journey up North - Usually we'd stop off at a service station, maybe partake in a Burger King or MacDonalds on the way up for dinner.... I'd rather not do that so went to Tescos to find some more healthy food and bring it with me. On my travels, I picked up more blueberries, some pita bread, chicken, salad etc - I'll make a really nice chicken salad sandwich and polish it off with some strawberries for 'pudding' which I think will be a lot healthier and better for me than fast food.

Next stop.... Northumberland!

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