Sunday, 21 June 2015

What to write?

Today has been a really random day 

Not having to get up to the sound of my alarm was absolute bliss and to have a cup of tea in my bed, whilst reading my book was the icing on the cake. My friend wasn't arriving until 11:00am so I had a very leisurely morning, showering, washing my hair, having my porridge with blueberries and doing a few light chores of cleaning the bathroom. 

My friend arrived and announced that 'All men are wankers', suggesting that she wasn't overly happy with her current situation - and that situation is, she is divorcing her Husband of 3 years (been together 5 years) for unreasonable behaviour due to emotional abuse, whilst having an affair with a married man who swears blind he's going to leave his wife next June when his children go to University. I've spoken about my friend before - On the one hand, she's really intelligent and a lovely person, on the other - she seems to have the blinkers on when it comes to men, completely oblivious to her ex-Husband being utterly cruel to her and seems to be equally as oblivious to the fact her current lover isn't necessarily going to leave his wife.

The latest crisis: She rarely goes out, however she did yesterday and went out with a female friend for a few drinks and dinner. Her friend tags her in a Facebook post and puts the comment 'You're a total man magnet' - Married guy sees this on Facebook and gets really upset... What was she up to? Why did her friend put that? What would she think if his friend had put that? Despite my friend pointing out the fact that, she's not responsible for anyone's actions but her own and she didn't speak to any men, her friend was just pointing out she looked really nice, her married lover was still very unhappy as he was apparently 'really jealous' er hello? You're married!

This isn't the first time he's got really 'upset' when she's gone out with friends and despite me saying that it was raising red flags in my head, I don't think she's really appreciating how out of order his behaviour is, especially when she is telling me that his wife doesn't care about him, his wife doesn't lift a finger at home and he does everything... It's like a complete and utter crock of rubbish and when I point out 'Well, that's what he tells you, you do realise, it might not be true and his Wife might be a lovely person who does loads of things?' she doesn't seem to want to accept it....

After an hour or so of listening to her, I decided to try and lighten the mood by suggesting we go into town for lunch - She said she only wanted a panini or something light, so we headed into town for a coffee shop - Costa.... I didn't actually realise, but looking around in Costa, there seemed to be a grand total of 0 healthy options.. like, literally... none at all. I therefore only ordered a green tea and listened to her continue to tell me more and more about her married lover woes whilst drinking my green tea, wishing she would change the subject.

After Costa, I was desperate for food, so we went into Pret a Manager and thankfully they have LOADS of really nice, healthy options. I decided to try one of their vegan salads which I hadn't had before and eating it at home, I have to say, I was most impressed. It certainly filled me up and had one of my favourite foods in it - Houmous!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon watching odd documentaries that I had on my Sky planner including 'The man with no penis', and 'The woman who married the Eiffel tower' which my friend seemed to find amusing. Come 5 O'clock and she headed off, leaving me time to straighten my hair (which is a mammoth task taking over an hour), before heating up a portion of my very tasty Moussaka that I had left over from yesterday and then heading off to the pub to meet my boyfriend and his friends.

Despite having been with my boyfriend for quite some time, I still find it hard to socialise with his friends as I'm actually quite anxious about new people in some ways. I think I'm getting better, but it does take a lot of mental strength to put myself in new situations. Thankfully it was quite a small group and I rocked up just after 6:30pm and had a nice glass of red wine which I sipped quite slowly whilst talking to his friends. I'm now back at home, watching Katie Hopkins 'My Big fat story' which I've seen before, but sadly there seems to be a lack of good TV on Sunday night. I do agree with others that she's a complete troll, however do agree with her RE: the majority (not all) of people and the reason they are overweight - As you eat too much and move too less. 

I can't speak for anyone else, but it's certainly true in my case - Eating less and indeed, eating more mindfully has helped a lot in the last 1.5 months and I'm really excited about continuing my healthy eating and achieving my goal of wearing size 14 trousers on Christmas day. I just need to up my exercise as well :-)

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