Friday, 29 May 2015

Hairy Bikers healthy chilli

Hurrah! No more work for two days...

Today wasn't too bad - The interest from recruiters has increased and I've got one interview booked! I'm just so paranoid at the moment... sitting next to my Boss, wondering if the way he said 'Good Afternoon' is because he's annoyed with me, wondering if the reason he has 4 'private' appointments in his diary next week is because he's interviewing people to take over part of my role, wondering if he's having a long meeting (with the woman who I believe he's sleeping with) to discuss how useless I am and how she can take over various things. It's hard going in day after day, but you do as you're an adult and you have bills to pay - However life is too short to be unhappy.

One of the things that really, really annoys me is when people moan about stuff but don't do anything about it - I've never been like that. Work is upsetting me and it's gone from being something I love, to something I feel sick about every morning, so I'm going to do something about it and find another job. It's the same with my weight - it's not where I want it to be, so rather than moaning about it and shoving another Mars Bar in my mouth, I'm doing my best to change things in my life so it stops being an issue.

Anyway, no work for 2 days so I'm going to park the moaning and focus on the fact that my eBay things came today :-)

I'm a bit of an eBay addict and I like buying clothes and jewellery - clothes especially as when I'm losing weight, I don't want to spend ££££ on things that will (hopefully) be too big for me in a few months time. So when I won this lovely Dorothy Perkins top for just over £5, I was rather chuffed - the same with the Kit Heath earrings for £12 as I love simple, small things. Both are pretty awesome and I'm currently writing this Blog, wearing my lovely new top (it was washed before it was sent!) and feeling smug that it fits well, looks really, really nice and as I'm sitting here, typing this on my laptop... my tummy doesn't look like it's protruding as much as it did a few weeks ago.

Is this my imagination? Or is this another positive thing to note about my weight loss journey? I guess the scales on Sunday will provide an indication as to whether that could be the case or not!

After getting home, I had yet another lovely delivery - my monthly Healthy Good Food Magazine! I get 2 magazines a month: BBC Good Food Magazine and the Healthy Good Food one. I like both, as I am a total foodie and the HGF magazine focusses on healthy recipes so I usually find one or two new ones to try a month. This really keeps my motivated as I love trying new things. I find it quite boring to always have the same thing (apart from my breakfast porridge... for some reason, I'm happy eating that for weeks on end at the moment)

So, I got changed into my new top... and set out to make dinner for my friend and I, before settling down to read my magazine before she arrived.

HGF Magazine isn't too bad this month - There's an interesting article in it about 'wrong turns on your weight loss journey' which details 8 things you might do which aren't necessarily going to help you:

1. Choosing food and drink labelled 'no added sugar' (it could be high in sugar so you should find thigns that are less than 5g per 100g or 2.5ml per 100ml)
2. Cutting out fat (some fats are good for you!)
3. Snacking on rice cakes (choose things that enhance your diet)
4. Thinking 'raw' means healthy (be selective about what 'raw' products you eat, they're not all good)
5. Falling for the latest food fad (sustainable weight loss differs from person to person, find what works for YOU!)
6. Blending and juicing everything (Juicing is fine, but only counts as 1 of our 5 a day)
7. Choosing to go dairy free (dairy products are an important part of a healthy diet, despite what the media say)
8. Denying yourself all treats (Eat treats mindfully, but don't deny yourself everything)

Makes sense I think? :-)

Dinner was the Hairy Bikers recipe for Chilli Salad Bowl, however as I had run out of wraps (and I find them quite tricky to do, anyway) I made it with rice and salad. Here's a thing - I made a concious effort not to do as much rice as I was going to allocate at least a third of the plate to salad. Once I'd poured the rice into the saucepan, I saw on the side that I'd actually already poured THREE recommended portions into the saucepan. Wow.. yet more evidence that I really do need to watch my portion sizes - I think that's the thing, when you overeat for years, it's so hard to know what a 'portion' is.... Back into the packet you go, you evil rice! :-)

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