Thursday, 14 May 2015

More amazing sushi in London

Wow, it's really raining cats and dogs at the moment!

It's so rainy in London, it's the total opposite of what it was like yesterday. I'm only in London for meetings and after work I'm off to meet 2 of my sisters in the City so we can go for cocktails (I haven't broken the news to them that I'll probably be sticking to diet coke as I really don't need to be drinking vast amounts of calories at the moment, however it will be nice to catch up, regardless)

After getting off the train, I went to Wasabi, which is a Japanese 'fast food' place. They used to have a stand in Waterloo, but now have a shop and it's brilliant (if, slightly expensive) all the sushi is individually wrapped, so you can pick up a tray and just do a kind of 'pick and mix' which is pretty cool - meaning you don't need to buy anything you don't like and won't eat.

Unfortunately I got there at 9:10am and they didn't have much out at all - only prawn and salmon nigiri. This wasn't the end of the world, as I like both, however I needed to get to work so couldn't really wait until they had put the rest of their stock out. At least that was lunch sorted!

I've now just eaten my lunch and it was AMAZING! The salmon was brilliant and the prawns weren't bad either - I'm pretty full and feeling happy I didn't go out with my colleagues and buy lasagne or all the other amazing things I can currently smell round the office.

Also glad it's half way through Thursday - Only 1.5 days until the weekend! :-)

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