Monday, 25 May 2015

So much vegan food!

It's great having friends who have different lifestyles as you open your mind so much

Today is a good day as I'm not at work. Today is also a good day as I spent a lot of it with one of my lovely friends and we caught up on Geordie Shore episodes as well as watching 'The secret world of Tinder' 'My 600lb life' and 'Louis Therox and extreme bodybuilding'. We also ate A LOT of food and as she's been vegan for years, it was all vegan - so no meat or dairy at all.

You could tell it would be a day of food after she brought some amazing hummus and hummus chips with her - They are utterly delicious and munching them watching Geordie Shore was bliss. Thing is, just because it's vegan, it doesn't mean it's 'healthy', so I did try and maintain some willpower when eating them - I was getting hungry as it was near lunch which didn't help. I think it's one thing to not buy something that looks good in the supermarket, however it's so much harder not to eat something that looks good when it's in your living room and your friend is saying 'I brought this over for us'.

Lunch consisted of vegan sweet potato and butternut squash moroccan tagine with giant couscous. I've done this recipe loads before with chicken, so by substituting the chicken with the sweet potato and the chicken stock cube with a vegan stock cube, hey presto... you've got a lovely and very tasty lunch! (I'm sure the taste was helped by the fact we were watching 2 gay guys find some 'fun' on Tinder whilst dressed in leather.... we do LOVE our crazy documentaries on Channel 5!)

After lunch, I suggested we try and do something with the rhubarb my Mother had given me as I really want to use it up - We decided on a cake. We looked for a lot of recipes and most of the vegan rhubarb cake recipes used crumble on the top, so we gave it a go.... 

Most of the cake recipes we read used yeast... however it also said 'prove it for an hour' - both of us are quire impatient so we just used self raising flour and chucked a lot of baking powder in there, instead. 

We also used cocoa, which the recipe (we actually didn't really follow one, we just shoved loads of ingredients in the bowl) didn't suggest and popped some crumble on the top using some the 'Pure' vegan spread and self raising flour.. 

I have to say, it didn't turn out too badly. It was edible, however we didn't put any sugar into the crumble so it was a little tart and also a little bit tooooo crumbly! However, not a bad attempt considering we didn't really follow a recipe!

As I've got tomorrow off as well, I'm thinking of meal planning in the morning and going shopping for what I need - I genuinely do much better with my healthy eating when I'm able to meal plan, I also find a waste a lot less food. Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

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