Thursday, 28 May 2015

First world problems

In the grand scheme of things, your cars exhaust pipe shouldn't be a drama....

Today hasn’t exactly started as I would have hoped, however it’s certainly a ‘first world problem’ when you look at it. I had to get up early again to pick my car up from the garage which is OK, especially when they managed to fit the exhaust for £350 instead of the £570 they quoted me last month. Everything was looking good until I got to work and had a look at the new exhaust… then felt like crying. My car is a ‘rare’ 1.8 SRI Vauxhall Corsa, which basically means it’s pretty small but actually, quite fast for a Corsa. I had Corsas before and am rather brand loyal when it comes to my cars – this particular car I’ve had for over 6 years and have become rather attached to it.

Before yesterday, it had a massive shiny exhaust, much bigger than the ‘standard’ ones, which looked rather impressive – Imagine my disappointment when I looked behind and saw this…. I mean, it’s smaller than the new Corsa exhausts! Logically, I shouldn’t care – It’s a new exhaust so bits of stuff shouldn’t come out the back of it, it gets me from A to B and it shouldn’t matter what it looks like. Also… considering the problems that other people have, it’s hardly going to top the ‘worlds worst problem’ list.
However, it matters to me as I’m very attached to my car (not in a kind of weird, creepy Channel 5 documentary kind of way) and it just looks so pathetic with it’s beefy engine and sad little exhaust pipe :-(

Despite my Boss being sat next to me, he doesn’t seem in a bad mood so work has been quite productive so far! Breakfast was the standard porridge with blueberries (I wonder if I’ll get bored of it soon? So far, so good!) and lunch was houmous with pepper, tomato, cucumber and a pita bread. Despite having my lunch, I walked into town again to buy a couple of work related things and also got some sugar free ginger beer from M&S which I have to say, I’m rather partial to. Whilst at M&S, I decided I’d try one of their new snack pots for dinner (as I’m not getting back until really late), and the egg and spinach one seemed rather interesting… At the moment, dinner consists of roast chicken slices, eggs and spinach which I appreciate is quite random, but will be quick to eat and mean I don’t go 9-10 hours without food.

The weather seems to be beautiful today so it’s a shame to be stuck inside at work – I’m hoping it stays like this at the weekend as I’m spending all of Saturday with my boyfriend and we’re going on a brewery tour (I hate beer but enjoy learning things,  he enjoys it so I’m happy to drive and spend time with him,) and I’m hoping we’ll have some time afterwards to go to 1 or 2 antique shops and maybe have a picnic in a park somewhere…..

Tonight I'm getting fake eyelashes, however despite most people conjuring up 'drag queen' images (like I did, the first time), I've actually found the length that I'm really comfy with and I really like how they look. Not so keen on them falling out and being stuck to the side of my face, mind you...  :-)

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