Thursday, 28 May 2015

Easter... at the end of May?

I never thought that I'd be given an Easter Egg today...

After this mornings 'disappointment' with my car, the day got much better - especially after I emailed my boyfriend a picture of my pathetic exhaust pipe and he suggested you can buy 'bolt ons' which I assume are the treasured possession of a lot of teenage boy racers?  So, on Saturday we will take a trip to Halfords and hopefully make my car look like it did before 'exhaust-gate' happened.

Having left work at 5:00pm, I travelled to Twickenham to see my friend - well, she's kind of my sisters friend, however I'm getting to know her a lot better and she's an amazing woman. She's also a very talented eyelash technician who has done eyelashes for models, actresses and travels all around London making people have longer eyelashes. 

I've had it done about 5 times, I believe - The first time they were way too long and I ended up taking them out less than 24 hours after I had them done. It was a total waste of money and I thought I'd never do it again, however my sister convinced me to try again and ask them to be a lot shorter (8's and 9's apparently... which is the length in mm) and I LOVED them. 

Due to having twice as much hair as 'normal' white people (as evidenced by my
afro-hair and the need to get it chemically straightened every 3 months) turns out, I also have twice as many eyelashes! This means they look really full, but it takes my poor friend 2 hours to stick the fake ones on. Thankfully we had a good catch up as I haven't seen her for over 4 months and the time went really quickly.

Upon leaving, I noticed she had an Easter egg on her living room shelf and announced 'Lesley, you're a better woman than me... you've managed to have so much willpower, you've still got Easter Eggs left!' to which she replied,'No, it's not me being good, I just hate dark chocolate - do you like dark chocolate? have it, have it!' I'm perfectly happy eating dark chocolate, white chocolate or any chocolate to be honest, however it feel as if temptation had just jumped 100 feet in the air saying 'EAT THIS EGG' which I thought was quite funny.

I did take, as I didn't want to be rude, however it's already left my house again and is now happily residing with my partner - He lives very close to me and is very supportive over my healthy eating, so had no issue 'adopting' the chocolate. This is the perfect solution as whilst I'm motivated at the moment, I'd rather not have a huge chocolate egg in the house as I'll be so concious it's there and the slightest 'down' moment, and I might reach for it - Why put yourself in that position?

Dinner? Well, it was a rather rushed roast chicken slices and the M&S egg and spinach pot, which apparently has been available in PRET for a while (M&S... ripping off coffee shops... shame on you!) Once I'd left my friends house, I quickly ate it in the car, before driving the hour back home and arrived back at 9:00pm.

I'm now drinking a cup of green tea, watching the Big Bang Theory, trying to work out when to book my super-exciting-fun cervical smear test, as I received a lovely reminder letter, telling me it's been 3 years since a nurse investigated the cavern down below. May as well get it over and done with, so I'm going to sort it out tomorrow - I can't say I'm keen on them, but I do believe they're a necessary evil and I'm grateful that I live in a country which takes cervical cancer seriously.

So excited that it's Friday tomorrow - My organic box of Vegetables from Riverford should be delivered tomorrow morning, so it will be fun finding out what new and weird fruit and vegetables are included this week..... 

Who's looking at you, kid? :-)

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