Monday, 11 May 2015

Monday wasn't too bad....

I survived work and made an awesome dinner

So despite having the usual stomach aches about going to work today, it wasn't too bad - I swear I'm turning into Garfield and hating Mondays, which proves I should get a new job! My Manager was actually pretty decent in our meeting and despite my colleague being on holiday (she was in Madrid, visiting a Shamen apparently....You drink weird tea made of bark and find yourself or something?) I was happily busy but not totally manic. 

Breakfast today was the obligatory porridge with blueberries and lunch was the leftover tamarind fish curry. I think I still struggle with portion control, so one of the good things about the tubs I have for food is that they're pretty 'normal' size, so I can't overfill and thus, overeat.

After work, I started cooking early as my boyfriend was coming over and we were going on a Monday jaunt to IKEA... Hardly the most exciting place in the world, however I found lots of weird insect things, living in my sugar - I don't actually use sugar very often at all, as I don't use it in my tea.. I also found them in the flour bag! They're apparently called 'flour / dust mites' (cunning name, huh?) Anyway, rather than accepting that this happens every few months, I thought it might be more sensible to buy a lot of kilner jars and keep them in air tight containers, rather than have weird little creepy crawlies all over the place.

Dinner was awesome - It's a recipe I've made a number of times before and never fails to taste lovely. Moroccan chicken curry from the BBC Good Food Magazine: 

I love it! It's amazing. I made it with giant wholewheat couscous and made enough so there were 3 portions, so something to look forward to at lunch time :-) 

Eating healthy has really changed how I feel about myself - I know I have such a long way to go, but I'm feeling really positive and definitely have more energy in the mornings. Even random things like, taking the bin out... hoovering... it's like, I don't ever think 'I can't be bothered', I just get on and do it. I guess it's the little things? 

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