Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I don't want to give up everything nice...

I'm still motivated on my weight loss, however I don't want to give up everything 'naughty'

I like fruit.

I like vegetables.

I also like chocolate, cake and chips - If I had a choice, I'd choose these over fruit and vegetables 9 times out of 10. That's not saying I will, or I should - but that's me being honest. I like fat laden, high calorie food as it tastes good.

However, if I ate everything I wanted to - I imagine it would only be a number of months before I wouldn't be able to fit into my clothes and only a few months after that when I wouldn't be able to fit through a door, and that's not how I want to live. 

Nor do I want to deprive myself so much that I dislike the food I'm eating and exist on 'healthy' food that's low in taste and low in enjoyment - How is that remotely sustainable? I would struggle to do that for a week, let alone a month or a year. 

So, I'm eating certain things in moderation and actually, my biggest vice is Cherry Pepsi Max, it's the most amazing thing I've ever tasted and since they introduced it about a year ago, I can't get enough. I like Pepsi Max in general (far better than diet coke in my opinion) however the Cherry stuff tastes like Amaretto and coke with fewer calories and no alcoholic content. It's fizzy, it contains Aspartame and is hardly as healthy as water or green tea. However - I love it and I wouldn't want to give it up. 

I also crave something sweet in the evenings - usually I'd reach for a giant bar of chocolate and demolish it within minutes, or maybe half a tub of icecream... However I've switched to things that are sweet, but better for me.  Oddly, at the moment I'm really liking the packets of 'frootz' you can get in most supermarkets. They're 51 calories per packet with only a trace of fat - guess what? I'm a total rebel and usually eat two packets of different flavours. A whole 102 calories with very little fat.... Yup, I could eat an apple, or even 1.5 bananas, but I don't want fruit at 10pm, I want something a bit naughty. 

Maybe that's why I'm actually still motivated to eat healthy, as I'm cutting down but in a sensible way and it doesn't feel like I'm limiting myself or depriving myself at all. 

I guess only time will tell - Only another 16 days until I'm stepping on the scales again! 

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