Monday, 25 May 2015

Healthy meal planning

It might be effort to do, but it makes my healthy eating easier

If you're a naturally organised person, meal planning shouldn't be too much of an issue - I actually really enjoy it as it's almost as if I'm creating a week menu from scratch. 

Not only does it mean that I don't buy random food that goes off, thus saving me money - it also means I can ensure I'm planning to eat healthy meals, rather than just buy things on the fly or get home after work to realise I don't have anything I can eat in, and then potentially 'give in' to a takeaway as it's too much effort to go out and buy something at the Supermarket. Why put temptation in my way?

I tend to meal plan, looking at my Google calendar - as I'm always out and about, seeing friends, spending time with my Boyfriend and potentially staying away overnight, this all needs to be taken into account when meal planning - if it's a recipe for 2 or more people and I'm not cooking for anyone else, rather than myself, I can plan to eat the same thing for lunch the next day so long as I'm working in the office and not at a meeting or doing anything random. 

This week should be pretty cool as tomorrow I'm off work and the next few days, I'm seeing a friend, getting my fake eyelashes (Really looking forward to this, even though it sounds like I'm going to look all 'Essex' with massive fake lashes, they are quite short and just make my eyes look bigger).

After my 'cake and hummus crisps' day today, I'm going to skip porridge tomorrow and finish off the blueberries, strawberries and raspberries I've got in the kitchen... and wash it down with some green tea.

Most of the rest of the week looks like this:

Tuesday lunch: Chicken salad
Tuesday dinner: Mediterranean vegetables with lamb (192 calories / 9g fat per portion) 

Wednesday breakfast: Porridge with blueberries
Wednesday lunch: Mediterranean vegetables with lamb
Wednesday night: Tuna steak and steamed vegetables

Thursday breakfast:  Porridge with blueberries
Thursday lunch: pita bread with raw pepper and cucumber with some low fat hummus
Thursday night: Pita bread with chicken and raw peppers 
(I'm out until 9pm, so am going to take this with me and eat it before I get to my friends house)

Friday breakfast: Porridge with blueberries
Friday lunch: Pita bread with raw pepper, chicken and hummus
Friday night: Low fat chilli with salad
(one of my friends is coming over so I'm cooking for her)

Saturday breakfast: Porridge
Rest of Saturday: Depends on what vegetables get delivered on Friday in my vegetable box! My boyfriend and I will no doubt find something amazing to cook :-)

Sunday: Too far away to plan yet... 

I know this is too anal for some people and they prefer to 'life each day as it comes', but I can't do that as firstly, I'm a planner, and secondly, if I've had a crap day at work, get home and don't have anything nice to cook, I find it too easy to turn to junk food and this is just falling into my old habits.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week being healthy and looking forward to fitting into those size 14 jeans at Christmas even more!

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