Friday, 8 May 2015

Organic Veg Boxes and Psychopathic Managers

Thank God it's Friday... It didn't feel like a 4 day week!

Despite the last 3 days of work being pretty good, today wasn't great. I've got a very strong suspicion that my Manager is planning on getting rid of me :-( Thankfully, having been at the company for over 5 years... they can't just dismiss me (ACAS guidelines state that you can be dismissed at any point during your first 2 years but after that, many more processes need to happen to get rid of someone). I'm not a psychiatrist, however having read a number of books on random subjects including psychopathy, I am almost 100% convinced that my Manager is one - Apparently it's quite common in politics and high level positions (such as Managing Directors *cough*).

Either way, it's a horrible feeling when you feel out of control - no matter what you do, you can't change anything and it's usually about now, that I reach for the food: The chocolate / crisps / a nice rack of BBQ ribs or pizza, however once I've eaten it, I feel even more unhappy as I've still got the work worries but also feeling guilty for eating loads of rubbish. Then I feel as if I've 'failed'.. so I think 'sod it, I may as well continue eating crap' and the cycle continues.

Well, let's try not to do that for a change - At the weekend I was reading one of my food magazines and they had an article about organic fruit and vegetable boxes. As I was feeling motivated, I thought I'd sign up - I've been wanting to for ages, so why not? There are a number of local ones, or you can find a more national one. I couldn't find a local one that delivered to my area, so I decided to go for Riverford - . Signing up was pretty easy and my box came as promised today. It was outside my door at 7:30 when I went to work which I thought was pretty awesome :-)

I've not tried any of it yet, but it looks amazing - 2 peppers, asparagus, carrots, lettuce, potatoes.. All really fresh and unlike certain supermarkets... it doesn't look like it will go off any time soon!  

I also got a pretty cool recipe book which is really useful as I'm really looking to try new things and as I'm constantly busy, this means I don't necessarily have to go and trawl through the internet or my recipe books - I also get to try something new, so double win!

Dinner was a lovely BBQ chicken salad and as I had a Sainsburys delivery last night, I had everything in the house already - Just what you want on a Friday night - there's no need to go food shopping and no temptation to go and order a takeaway! I marinated the (free range) chicken in BBQ Sauce and then grilled it so didn't need any oil. I then made the salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and lentils with a small amount of feta cheese - I drizzled it with some balsamic glaze and hey presto! Not bad, huh? :-)

This weekend I'm getting my hair cut and seeing a friend - I haven't seen this friend in 6 weeks and it will be interesting catch up. She's.... interesting! A lovely person, but is currently divorcing her husband for being incredibly controlling and is currently having an affair with a married man. Not something I condone in any way, shape or form, however she doesn't seem to want my opinion (which is that he won't leave his wife and she really shouldn't get involved) so I keep my lips firmly shut on the subject....

TFI Friday! 

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