Friday, 8 May 2015

Playing Russian roulette with my jeans

The dreaded sense of foreboding...

I can always tell when I've gone on a binge with food - I stop weighing myself for a while, ignore the fact that my clothes are getting tighter, stop looking in the mirror as I don't like what I see, and yet I find it really hard to break the cycle. 

One of the things I really dislike is after I've washed my clothes (which I do regularly, I hasten to add, I'm not a dirty person!) People say that if something is too lose, you should wash it on a high heat, however even if it's just a normal 40 degree wash, things can regain shape. I find this is especially true with jeans and jeans that are slightly baggy on me when I stick them in the washing machine come back much more snug.

Which is fine - unless I've gone on a massive binge, as I'm always worried - Will they still fit? Will I be able to squeeze into them or will I have to admit defeat and put them in my wardrobe, along with 50% of my other clothes I can't wear?

It's not a very fun thing to do - Wouldn't it be more fun if I knew my clothes would fit? If I not only knew they fitted, but when I put them on, they'd actually start getting baggy? And then, maybe in a few months I'd have to admit to myself that I needed a belt to keep them up? That sounds like a much more positive goal to work towards....

To baggier jeans and the fact it's Friday :-) 

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