Saturday, 30 May 2015

7 lbs lost!

I'm such an impatient person - not sure I can change that fact AND change my lifestyle at the same time though :-)

Hello weekend! Today I slept in until 8:48am which is a miracle for me as usually I still wake up at about 7:00am, whether it's a week day or not. I think it had something to do with the annoying pigeon sat in a tree outside my bedroom window coo-ing at 5:00am this morning......

Either way, got up, had a shower - there's something really nice about getting out of the shower, all clean, knowing you aren't working today or tomorrow. Once again, the slim, shiny, square thing was looking at me 'Come on, step on me.. it's been a few days, you know you want to....' I said I wasn't going to step on the scales until the end of the month, so it's *nearly* there! 

I have to say, I was quite chuffed with the result.

9th May start weight 99.9Kg
30th May current weight 96.7Kg

This means I've lost 3.2Kg which is 7lbs, so half a stone! I'm really, really happy with that result and it's been achieved 95% through changing my diet as I've not been in the gym since I started my healthy eating, just been on a few long walks and some short ones. 

If I keep the same weight loss up:

End of June - 1 stone
End of July - 1.5 stone
End of August - 2 stone
End of September - 2.5 stone
End of October - 3 stone
End of November - 3.5 stone
End of December - 4 stone.

Wow... even just looking at what I could achieve by a mere 7lbs a month is awesome - even achieve HALF of that, should mean I'm able to fit into size 14 jeans by Christmas and I'm not changing that goal.... 

To celebrate I had..... exactly the same breakfast I would have had regardless of what the scales say. I'm not keen on the saying 'Don't reward yourself with food, you're not a dog', but I do agree with the sentiment, I don't want to treat myself with food and it's not a short term fix. 

Therefore breakfast was a nice cup of green tea (well jasmine tea really, as I honestly think plain green tea tastes like puddle water) and porridge. It's struck me that I should actually change my breakfasts on a weekend as I don't have an excuse that I need to 'grab and go', so once I'm back from my Northumberland Holiday next week, I'm going to focus on doing healthier breakfasts that aren't so 'ready-mealish' however as instant porridge is working for me at the moment and I enjoy it, I'm not going to beat myself up over it. 

Wearing my lovely new earrings I got from eBay, I'm now off to pick up my partner and head off for the Brewery Tour :-)

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