Friday, 22 May 2015

Vegetable Omelette

What do you do when there's random stuff in your cupboards?

Fridays are when my vegetable box gets delivered - this is awesome, however I never know what I'm going to get, so whilst it's a surprise, it can also be quite challenging to work out what to do with them. I'm trying hard not to waste food, so when I saw I had loads of eggs left, I thought I'd make something egg-related.

Aha! Omelette springs to mind! However the vegetables I had, didn't really go per se... Still, didn't stop me trying :-)

First, I cut them all up and put the oven on - I'd never tried a romero pepper before, so that was quite interesting (and they're actually really nice and tasty!) I also had carrot, organic mushrooms and shallots. After using my 1-calorie spray oil and spraying them a few times, I oven baked them for 20 minutes.

I decided I wouldn't go 'all out' with the omelette, so used two full eggs and another 3 egg-whites. This seemed perfect and I was actually quite impressed with the result!

I can't say it was the most amazing thing I'd ever tasted, but it was healthy AND filling and I think the thing I was most proud of was the fact it actually looked like an omelette. Also, even though it's Friday night, I'm not getting a takeaway, nor binging on lots of alcohol.... :-)

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