Thursday, 7 May 2015

Speedy breakfasts!

I don't want to get up earlier to faff around in the kitchen....

I wouldn't usually blog in the morning as I'm usually getting ready to go to work, however today I'm off to vote and then going into London for various (fun) meetings. 

I've seen a number of recipes for healthy breakfasts, loads in fact - and they all look great. However usually, all of them involve actual effort. Fair enough, that's cool if you want to get up earlier and are that motivated - I've tried before and within 2 weeks, I usually end up with additional food in my kitchen I don't use as I've hit the snooze button on my phone or have forgotten to eat, got to work and then wandered to the canteen to get a bacon roll.

Instant porridge has been my saviour - Of course 'home made' porridge would be better - less sugar for a start, however I find instant pots are good for portion control and I always try and stick some fresh fruit in them. If you pop the water in, then chuck a handful of blueberries in - by the time the porridge is ready, all the blueberries are soft and it tastes really nice - same with raspberries and blackberries. 

They fill me up until lunch time and I'm much less tempted to snack - they're also sustainable... I've been eating porridge for years and I can keep some at work in my locker, or even have a couple in the car, so if I stay over friends houses, I've got something I can eat and am not tempted to say 'Yes' when they offer me a fry up.I guess this just works for me. 

I would like to explore other alternatives for breakfast - however they have to be super quick, involve very little effort and be something I enjoy (as well, of course, as being healthy!).

Right then! off to vote and then to London :-)

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