Monday, 18 May 2015

Another awesome use of Quorn

Salads don't have to be boring

Sometimes I really don't want to cook for hours on end, but don't really want to have a ready meal either. No matter how 'good' the ready meals are, they still don't seem to taster as good as a meal I've prepared myself.

So what's the compromise? Well, tonight I made a salad, but didn't really fancy putting chicken or meat with it, so decided to try one of the new Quorn products. 

This looked a little bit more interesting than the normal Quorn and I'm partial to anything that has the words 'Southern Fried' in it - especially when those words aren't accompanied by massive amounts of fat or calories!

It was a basic salad - beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce with some croutons and a small amount of cheddar cheese. I then popped the Quorn in the oven for 18 minutes (it said 12, however I had frozen them beforehand for 6 weeks - they were absolutely fine to freeze and defrost) and chopped it up to put over the salad.

I'm not really keen on most salad dressings, they're either too vinegary or too creamy and if they're creamy, you can guarantee that you've 'undone' all the good you're planning on doing to your body with vitamins if you're going to shove lots of full-fat dressing in your mouth as well. Well, worry not - Hey presto, this stuff is brilliant!

Less than 0.5g of fat per 15ml serving and only 42 calories. It's so much lighter than other dressings and tastes really, really nice.

The entire salad was rather yummy and took less than 20 minutes to prepare, including oven baking the Quorn. My boyfriend didn't even realise it was Quorn until I said something!

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