Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mediterranean vegetables with lamb

The evening has finished really nicely with a culinary success!

This has been a truly awesome day. It continued being awesome this evening as well. I decided to try and get over my aversion to courgettes, despite not liking them my entire life. So I decided to make the BBC Good Food's recipe of 'Mediterranean vegetables with lamb' as it's both low in fat, and calories and serve it with some couscous. Usually I get the whole-wheat couscous from Sainsburys, however unfortunately they seemed to be sold out, so decided to go crazy and buy some random Ainsley Harriot stuff. I thought this might work well, despite the crazy photo of Ainsley on the front of it!

The recipe says it cooks in 30 minutes, however I decided to make the most of the fact I was still on holiday by chucking it all in the slow cooker at 1pm and letting it cook for 5 hours, 30 minutes before I saw my boyfriend in the evening. 

The house smelt amazing and I have to say, it was a total success - it looked a bit odd in the slow cooker, but it smelt and tasted fantastic and I'd certainly do it again. 192 calories and 9g of fat per portion? (more, if you serve with couscous) sounds pretty damn good to me!

After a very nice dinner, we headed to the pub - I had a glass of red wine which much be the first alcohol I've had in over a month. It was actually really nice, however I stopped at one glass as I know that when I'm drunk or even mildly inebriated, my willpower quickly decreases and I eat ANYTHING. I don't mind getting the munchies occasionally, but I don't want to do it on a regular basis, so settled at one glass and headed back after a nice hour, chatting.

One of the crazy things we were talking about was having kids. It honestly feels like our entire relationship is reversed - he's the calm one, not phased about the idea of being a parent and I'm totally freaking out about the idea. It's something I've wanted for the past few years, but actually, now the possibility is here and he's like 'it's cool, let's just go for it if you want', I'm like 'OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE WE'RE GROWN UPS AND I COULD GET PREGNANT AND IT'S COMMITMENT'.

You wouldn't believe I'm 33 and we've been together for a really long time, would you? If I was going to have kids, it would be with him as he's truly the most amazing man I've ever met, however I think I'm going to need a few months just to get used to the idea of actually trying for a child and also taking care of myself and continuing my healthy eating - if we do try for a child, I'd like my body to be as fit and as healthy as possible.

Work tomorrow, which is a shame.. but thankfully it's only 3 days!

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