Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ready for the weekend

Today has been almost as nice as yesterday

Yesterday I wasn't at work, I was enjoying myself at the Chelsea Flower Show with my Mum. Today I spent 8 hours at the Spa on my own and 2 of those hours were having an amazing facial and massage - Do I feel guilty? Nope.. and for the first time ever, it was like a proper 'reward' for me sticking to my healthy eating for the last 2.5 weeks. 

Even at lunch time, I didn't over-indulge - I went to the salad bar, got some tasty salad bits, but that was it... no cheese, no really fatty things and no pudding - I didn't even indulge in a cake! 

I then saw one of my friends for a gossip and dinner - once again, I tried to ensure I went somewhere that had a healthy option and as such, it was the staple 'Wagamama's' that won. I've found that the most healthy dish is the 'Chicken Ramen'. It's pretty filling so you don't need to have a side dish or pudding. It was yummy!

It was nice catching up, however it was also nice not feeling totally full or feeling guilty that I'd over-indulged. I think it's a common feeling for me and something I certainly need to work on - Guilt. Eating food shouldn't make you feel guilty, should it?

Work beckons tomorrow, however it's only for one day, so that shouldn't be too bad :-)

Roll on the weekend! 

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