Friday, 29 May 2015

A very rainy Friday

TFI Friday!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as much as me - Having checked the weather forecast I'm not entirely sure that it's going to be beach or picnic weather, however I can still hope!

This morning I didn't have to get up as early as the last 2 days, so jumped out of bed, did the usual bathroom ablutions and then had the hard task of working out what to wear. When I was thinner, I used to take more pride in what I wore to the point, I'd pick it out the night before (complete with accessories) and then in the morning I didn't need to engage my brain until much later. The last few months, I've not done this as I don't feel as positive about myself - therefore it's more of a 'Meh, whatever, that will do', which is not how I like to be.

Additionally, my type of clothes has changed - I currently live in my Marks and Spencers Waterfall cardigans as they're floaty and hide any lumps and bumps I have. Whereas when I was thinner, I'd be fine in just a fitted shirt, or a tighter jumper as I felt good when I looked in the mirror.

Today, we have a hybrid look. Due to being blessed / cursed (depends on your viewpoint) in the chest department, having a 36 GG chest means I find it hard to buy shirts and tops that fit, so I tend to buy my things from Pepperberry and this has been a total blessing. I got both my black shirt and cardigan from Pepperberry and they're both size 16SC (which stands for Super Curvy in pepperberry terms). Jeans are from Next and they're a size 18 - I'm having to wear a belt and they're pretty lose, however they're smarter than most of the denim I own, so for the moment, they'll do.

I'm lucky, as I can wear what I want to work, jeans.. T-shirts... however due to my position, I do try and keep it slightly formal, so tend to go towards shirts, rather than tops and dark jeans, rather than ripped jeans or ones that have patterns on them. As bad as it is, people do make judgements on you and being a woman in I.T, working with a lot of men who are older than you.... Well, let's just say it's easier if you don't look too scruffy!

As it's Friday, I opened my door this morning to find another box of Riverford
Organic Vegetables waiting for me - having a quick look inside of it before I went to work, there doesn't appear to be any weird or strange things like there were last week (Come back Kohlrabi, I want to eat more of you!) however I'm sure my boyfriend and I can find a nice recipe that incorporates most of them. 

Breakfast was porridge (sadly not fruit as I've run out) and that kept me going until lunch time, when, despite it absolutely chucking it down from the sky, I headed out into town to buy some more houmous and a bag of salad for my friend coming round tonight. I found another new 'snack pot' - this one has beans and salmon in it and I thought it sounded quite nice.

I toasted another wholewheat pita bread and munched the peppers and tomatoes - after 15 minutes I realised, I was totally full and the snack pot is probably going to go to waste. This is annoying as 1. I'm trying to be more sensible with money and 2. I don't like wasting food.

The old Imogen would have probably eaten it anyway, however I don't want to do that - I'm full, I need to listen to my body and I don't need to put anything else in it at the moment. I think I've always had 'eyes bigger than my stomach' and today has been more evidence of this - OK, so now I know - I don't need more food if I've got some vegetables and a pita bread, it's just being greedy.  

My snack today is a cocoa orange 'nakd bar', which I'll much on at about 4:00pm. It's funny, as most people (including myself) associate Vegan products as being tasteless or bland or 'weird', however the nakd bar range has become one of my favourite snacks - especially the new bakewell tart flavoured ones as they honestly taste like bakewell tart!

Tonight I'm seeing one of my lovely friends who I've not seen for a little while so I will be feeding her Hairy Bikers healthy chilli and having a gossip before the exciting weekend ahead!

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