Friday, 31 July 2015

Healthy eating and energy

It's important to try and find energy from healthy sources and not chocolate :-)

Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Giraffe Penang-bang salad
Dinner: Mango and sticky rice
Snacks: No snacks

Yesterday was mental - I didn't get in until after 11pm and was so tired I went straight to bed! It had all started out pretty relaxing - Porridge for breakfast with a nice cup of tea (I'm STILL using up the Porridge pots I bought a while ago....) and watched a few episodes of 'Fraiser' on TV. I've always liked Frasier and bought every DVD box set when it came out about 10 years ago... Even though it's aged, it's still funny, unlike some of the comedies today which I really just don't get... Maybe that's me just getting old, or maybe it's the fact that 'they just don't make 'em like they used to?'

I left the house 1.5 hours before I needed to meet the Professional guy for lunch. I wanted to wander around the shops for a bit and see if I could find any other nice clothes or bits and bobs. There was absolutely no traffic on the roads, so parked and wandered around Reading town centre... I headed straight for Marks and Spencers as there was one thing I really wanted to buy - More fat pants! Until my stomach is flat, I really dislike my tummy wobbling daily and wanted to get some new ones for when I start work. They're not actually called fat pants, they've got a more seductive name usually, 'Waist Clincher' or 'Stomach defining' however let's call a spade a spade - They make you look less fat... (Which is only a good thing in my mind).

Marks and Spencers lingerie department is a sight for sore eyes - just rows and rows of underwear. Whilst they do go up to my size, I've always found them quite hit and miss so despite trying on a beautiful royal green 36G bra.. it didn't sit flat against my chest and just didn't look quite right :-( However, I did manage to find what I was looking for and am now the proud owner of another pair of fat pants! I never get the ones with 'shorts' or bits that cover the top of your thigh as I always find that you bulge out the bottom and it makes you look like you have rubber rings around the tops of your legs... So tend to just go for the 'standard' shape. 

Despite wandering into a few more shops, I didn't find anything overly amazing, so headed to lunch. The Professional Guy was lovely - It's a shame I won't be working with / for him as he was really nice, however we said we'd keep in touch as both worked in the same industry and who knows what will happen in the future? It was a really nice 1.5 hours, made nicer by the fact I found something pretty healthy and incredibly tasty in Giraffee - a restaurant I've not been into for over a couple of years. When looking at their menu, they actually did a number of healthy options and said they could serve you meals without the bun / bread and substitute the fries for salads... that's pretty awesome going! They also did a number of really nice salads and I had the Giraffe Penang-bang salad which tasted lovely. According to the internet... this comes in at just over 500 calories, so not bad at all... 

(This isn't my photo, I had to find it on the internet as I thought the guy would think I was a bit weird if I pulled my phone out and started taking photos of my lunch!)

I then decided to use the fact I was in Reading as an advantage and headed up to Greys Court - Another National Trust property nearby. I have to say, I do still get quite anxious driving and going to places on my own, but when will I get another opportunity to do this? I have been to Greys Court before with my Mother, a few years ago, however had forgotten this until I saw the house which was lovely. Whilst I love antiques and the house certainly had a few of them! I actually preferred the gardens and was really happy to just slowly wander around the formal gardens, taking photographs in the sun. Whilst I was on my own, noone looked at me weirdly and I actually saw quite a few people on their own - all of whom smiled :-) 

After a couple of hours of generally meandering around, I headed to Twickenham to see my friend who did my eyelashes. She's awesome and had decided to feed me more mango and rice for dinner. I didn't ask her to, however she seemed so happy she had found it in the supermarket (as apparently it goes really quickly) I didn't feel I could say no. I was able to grab a quick look at the back of the box however, and it said it was 480 calories and 12g of fat - so not the worst dinner in the world :-)  I had planned to eat a chicken salad when I got back home, however after she did my eyelashes and we ate, I stayed at her house until pretty late... hence why I didn't write anything yesterday. 

I think I've said before, but I love having my eyelashes done, I really like how my face looks and it does give me more confidence. I usually have the shortest lashes possible, however yesterday asked my friend to do them one length longer to see how they looked and yeah... I don't think I look like a drag queen and they still look natural. I guess this is a prime time to change how I look as when I meet and work with all my new work colleagues in a few weeks, they won't have any pre-ideas about what I look like, so I can change anything I want and they should accept it (Unlike my last work place when I came to work with eyelash extensions and lots of people commented straight away).

This morning I am feeling pretty knackered. Despite not eating unhealthily, I think the fact I'm driving around a lot and seeing people here, there and everywhere is taking its toll on me - I feel rather drained! I do this to myself, so can't feel too angry.. Today I'm seeing my Drama Friend and tomorrow I'm seeing my Boyfriend before a very early start on Sunday, where myself and my Gastric Bypass friend (who is STILL doing really well and seems to have found herself a new boyfriend!) are going on a mini holiday...

I really need to keep my energy levels constant and not feel knackered and I know I need to be careful about what food I eat as sugary things are great, but then you get the horrible sugar crash afterwards. I've still got a few Bakewell Tart Nakd bars I can stick in my handbag, however am thinking of getting some dried fruit, maybe even some prunes that I can nibble on if I feel knackered. 

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