Thursday, 2 July 2015

The weekend beckons

It's a lovely evening and it's going to be an even lovelier weekend

Breakfast: Quaker Oat so simple Caramel Porridge pot
Lunch: 1 Pita bread, 1/2 a pot of Moroccan topped houmous and 1 raw pepper
Dinner: BBQ chicken salad 
Snack: Nakd Bakewell Tart bar 

Today has been pretty awesome in a lot of ways. For the first time in ages, work actually went OK. I didn't get upset when I saw 'The woman' meeting with one of my business areas. Nor did I feel sick when I had a meeting with my Boss - in fact I was willing him to bring up the prospect of me leaving, however he didn't, so the meeting was very, weird.. as I've already mentally checked out of the company. Sitting in a room with him, talking to him about 'the next few months' when in my head I'm singing 'La la la, don't care, don't care.. I've got another job offer' was really surreal - However until I've got a contract in front of me, I need to play the game.

I wandered into town at lunch time on my own as sadly my lovely work colleague was on a training course - I felt so light, as if I didn't have the worries of yesterday. Rather than heading straight to Marks and Spencers, I actually wandered around a bit and decided to go into HMV and buy a new CD to listen to, when I drive to Wales tomorrow. I'm not a big fan of music, however I do like both classical music and also dance music (very different, I know). Driving 3 hours on the motorway isn't my idea of fun, so having a new CD to listen to should make the journey go quicker - I hope 'Now dance the best of Summer' lives up to its name!

I left work slightly early today as had a chiropractors appointment, unfortunately ever since the Take That gig at the 02, my back has been really painful. It's something that's been an issue since I was 18 but it's not that serious at the moment, apparently it's just muscle weakness. Every few months, something will trigger it and ever since I decided to see a chiropractor, things have got much better. Vera was lovely as per usual and 15 minutes later, I was already feeling a lot less stiff and my right hip wasn't hurting as much. 

After that I headed over to my friends house as I had an appointment for a facial and getting my nails done - I appreciate I must sound like I love myself so much with fake eyelashes, facials, manicures, however I think the photos I posted earlier today show that I'm really not a dolled up type of person, I'm just, well.. normal (at least I think I am, anyway). We had a nice catch up and after 1.5 hours, I headed home to make dinner - a really tasty BBQ chicken salad which I really enjoyed eating whilst watching more episodes of Hannibal (which is still really gruesome).

Tomorrow I'm heading to Wales to see my pregnant friend (the one who had the gastric band, lost 7 stone but has put on over 2 stone back on since the start of the year) and spend the weekend with her. She's a lovely person, but I wonder if she's actually addressed the reasons she was eating too much in the first place - I won't say anything as it's not my place and I don't know what's going on in her head, however if I can help or support her in any way, then I will. I don't know what we'll end up doing, but I'll take my laptop with me so I can write about our fun and (hopefully) nice weather :-)

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