Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Where does the day go?

Today I think I've had my first taste of proper 'time off'

Breakfast: Oats so simple Golden Syrup Porridge
Lunch: Pitta bread, ham, raw pepper and cherry tomatoes
Dinner: Slow cooked beef with roasted vegetables
Snacks: Bakewell tart nakd bar

Unlike the last two days that have been totally crazy, today has been really chilled however I just haven't had time to be bored... I didn't get to bed until midnight last night as went to the pub with my boyfriend and two of his friends. Unfortunately they (they're a couple) seem to be going through some rough times at the moment, so I've invited his female friend to spend a few hours at my house on Friday, just for a change of scenery and for some nice cups of tea if she is so inclined :-)

Not getting up until 9:00am today was interesting as I'm usually up and about much earlier - I didn't eat breakfast until 10:00am. I was going to eat porridge with raspberries but despite them 'apparently' not going off for another 2 days, there was already mould growing on them... Thanks Sainsburys :-( I have to say though, I've never seen this type of mould before, it almost looks as if the raspberries are growing a beard. After a bit of Googling, it looks like it's mucor mould - Niiiiiiiice. 

After breakfast, I thought I'd laze around on the sofa for a few hours. However.. by 10:30 I was bored (as per usual) so decided I'd be productive by hoovering behind my sofa and putting my massive antique mirror behind my sofa, rather than keep it propped up against my glass cabinet in my living room.

I met my Boyfriend for lunch as he's been working from home today and we went to a local coffee shop. Unfortunately due to the weather, it looks like we're not going to be able to do a BBQ tonight, so he's got a joint of meet and is currently slow cooking it - I'm going to try and stick as closely as possible to what I was planning on eating however, so will eat some meat with lots of roasted vegetables, rather than do the BBQ'd vegetables on skewers. For lunch, I also changed my mind slightly - so it was pita bread, tomatoes, pepper but I had some ham, rather than some houmous. Looks quite nice, I think and it tasted nice as well :-)

After lunch, I watched another episode of 'The Last Ship', the post apocalyptic zombie US series before deciding to continue my Hoover adventure and attack under my bed - another place I've not hoovered for over a year and boy, could I see it! I also changed one of my pictures on the wall - I had a painting of Bluebells on my living room wall for the last 1.5 years, however decided I'd change it for the forest scene that I bought in Devon at the weekend... I think it's lovely, but appreciate everyone's taste is different.

Despite not really going anywhere today, I still think I've been relatively productive with all the cleaning - I have had to empty my hoover TWICE, so that means I really should hoover behind things more often - I guess it's just finding the time normally? Tomorrow I'm off to see my Mum and spend a really nice day with her, before seeing my Drama friend, which will no doubt be.. dramatic :-) 

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