Friday, 17 July 2015

Start of a new adventure

Goodbye work

Breakfast: Half a punnet of strawberries and a handful of grapes
Lunch: Raw pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and 1/2 pot of houmous
Dinner: Venison burgers, parmentier potatoes with red cabbage
Snacks: No snacks today

That's it. I've left my company. I've gone. 

Despite not telling many people or making an announcement, the people who did know, have been so amazing - I got cards, presents... it means so much to me as they're people I genuinely like and respect and going in this morning, my last day in the office after 5+ years was harder than I thought it would be. My Boss had sent me an invite for a 'Final Handover' at lunch time, so I used the morning to delete anything I don't want 'the woman' to read in my emails (as I think she'll be given access to my emails next week) and sent my last ever email to my lovely work friend, saying that she's amazing, that I knew we could be friends even though I managed her and if she ever needs anything - to let me know. It's not the end of our friendship - I'm seeing her on Monday night to watch 'Judge Geordie', but she won't be 'lovely work friend' any more.

Breakfast was just some strawberries and grapes - not the most filling of things and not something I'd eat on a routine basis, however after pizza last night I just felt like I wanted something quite light. After getting to work, I went to Starbucks with another friend - Before we moved offices, we had a Starbucks really close to us and we always used to go on a Friday, which became 'Starbucks Friday'. As it was my last day today, we did a final 'Starbucks Friday', something we'd not done in over a year since we moved office locations. He's another lovely, lovely work colleague and I hope I can stay in touch with him as well - he's currently trying to buy a house with his Wife and has been telling me all the frustrations they've been having. I've been taking notes, as it's something I want to do with my boyfriend in the next year :-)

My handover meeting happened.... and that was that, I locked my laptop / phone / encrypted USB stick in my locker and put the locker key on my desk and just walked out.... I did feel really sad, but it's the right decision. I then went to Marks and Spencers as I was starving and due to feeling a bit 'weird', went for 'the usual', so much more clean eating... raw pepper, tomatoes.. etc. I also decided to pick up food for tonight, as my plan is to spend the rest of the day inside, getting my head together and then focussing on an amazing weekend ahead - A really short, but hopefully romantic break with my Boyfriend - Who still doesn't know where we're going :-)

I'll freeze the other burgers but will probably throw the rest of the potatoes away and eat all the cabbage - I'm certainly going to try and cook things from scratch as much as possible, however I'm not going to worry about this tonight... I'm just going to chill :-)

At the moment, I'm watching 'My big fat Gypsy holiday', before watching the latest episode of 'Tattoo Fixers' so as you can tell, it's an exciting afternoon planned! I'll be going to bed relatively early as I've got a hair appointment tomorrow at the hair dressers and then... we'll be setting off to a really nice place about 3.5 hours away. Despite a 'mini holiday', I'm going to try my best to make healthy choices but not get obsessed about things.....

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