Friday, 31 July 2015

Spending a great day with a friend

Sometimes having no plan is the best plan of all

Breakfast: Didn't have any!
Lunch: Burger with salad
Dinner: Pasta with a tomato and basil sauce 
Snacks: Bakewell Tart nakd bar

I've had a lovely day with my Drama Friend. It's been really relaxing and great catching up, even if she does have even more drama in her life at the moment! As I didn't get back until late last night, I didn't get up until about 8:30am which is really late for me. I didn't really feel like breakfast so had a nice cup of tea and blogged until my friend came round. We had decided we were going.. pottery painting! I'd never done it before and as she was nice enough to take a day off work, I suggested a number of things we could do and that was the one she chose as she wanted to indulge her 'artistic flair' - Fine by me! So she drove to my house and I drove to the pottery painting place.

Thankfully there was noone else there, so we chose the things we'd like to paint (I chose a large cup and saucer and a small mug) chose the paints and got cracking. I have to be honest, as I work in I.T... most of my skills are more technology related than art related. I never even did Art as a GCSE as I really don't think I have any talent whatsoever - However, despite that, I think I did 'OK'.. I did a Peacock on the cup and saucer and on the Mug... I made it for my Gastric Bypass friend and will give it to her for Christmas. Sadly you can't get them to take away as obviously they need to be fired in the kiln so apparently ours will be ready next Wednesday - My friend also did a large cup and saucer so I suggested that whenever we're over each others houses, we use the 'special cup and saucer' :-) 

Drama Friend is named thus, due to the amount of Drama she has in her life and at the moment, she has more.... She was seeing a guy called Pete who, after 3 dates said 'I like you but just want to be friends', she said that was fine, invited him over to her house as a friend - the got very drunk and slept together... however he maintained after that, that he just wanted to be friends. He then stopped replying to her texts and after 2 weeks of constantly contacting him, he admitted that the reason he had stopped texting her and meeting her was because he'd met someone off the dating site he liked and didn't think it would be appropriate to keep messaging and meeting my friend, whilst he was dating this new woman.

My friend convinced him that he could still see her in a 'friend' capacity.. and for the last 2 months or so, that's what they've been doing - no more sex. However... Pete has admitted to my friend that he's 'Not sure' about his new girlfriend and it's 'different to when he was dating his ex' - My friend seems to be overly invested in his relationship (As I imagine she actually still fancies him) and has taken massive um-bridge with the fact he's 'not sure' about his new girlfriend and thinks he's just wasting this womans time. I suggested it was up to him... she agreed, but then showed me a massive text message conversation where she was telling him about her 'feelings' and that she 'felt', he should be a 'better person than he is being' and that if he doesn't 'feel it', then he should break it off with her....

This conversation continued as we drove to a local pub for lunch. It's one of my favourite pubs and the weather was absolutely beautiful so we sat outside. There wasn't a lot of healthy options on the menu, so as I hadn't had breakfast, I decided on a burger but asked for salad rather than chips. We continued chatting about stuff... Life... Jobs... friends... it was really, really relaxing - exactly what I needed, really. The only thing that wasn't overly relaxing was the number of wasps that were flying around our table - I'm not overly keen on wasps.. in fact, I'm really scared of them, so seeing them fly around and land on our table frequently was not overly fun.

After a really lovely lunch, my friend asked if we could go to the local Matalan - I've never been, but said 'sure, no worries' so we set off in the hope of buying her new underwear. Matalan was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and I was actually quite impressed with the variety of things - so much so, that I actually bought a new Pyjama set for £10 that has cats on it... and a couple of tops which I tried on and looked quite nice :-) My friend also managed to find loads of new underwear... Just in time for the 'South African' she is apparently meeting tomorrow from.. yes, you've guessed it, the dating site! I did suggest that maybe, if she wants a relationship, she may want to not show him her underwear for a while - However that's her choice and I guess it will either work out, or not... 

We then had a nice cup of tea at my house and watched some crazy TV for an hour before she headed off home. It was lovely seeing her and I do really value her friendship - She actually told me she's started seeing a counsellor and I really hope he helps her. Now that I've hoovered, put the washing on and sorted out all the clothes I had hanging up, upstairs.. I am now sat on my sofa, watching 'Paranormal Activity' and enjoying being at home :-) 

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