Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day before D-Day

This is probably the first Sunday in over 3 months where I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow.

Breakfast: Oats so simple golden syrup porridge pot
Lunch: Wholemeal pita bread, 1 raw pepper, 1/2 pot of Tescos Moroccan houmous 
Dinner: Baked BBQ chicken breast, rosemary toasted baby potatoes and steamed baby carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas and baby corn
Snack: Marks and Spencers wholegrain BBQ crisps

Unlike Friday night, I unfortunately didn't sleep as well - I think it was too hot in my friends spare room and I woke up a few times after dreaming about my car being vandalised. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat regular occurrence for me. About 8 years ago, my car was vandalised 7-10 times and the Thames Valley police were utterly useless. My car was keyed more than once, all 4 tyres were slashed, my wing mirrors were kicked off 5 different times. I had a love poem put on my windscreen and the best one, my drivers door was crowbarred open, my CD's were taken out of my car and placed in a pile by my front door (my car was parked about 20 meters away from my house at this point).

I turned into a wreck, constantly paranoid, couldn't sleep as every noise I heard, I'd be looking out the window, seeing if my car was OK. When I phoned the police, they never bothered coming out and on the one occasion they did, they said 'Oh, it's probably just young lads, walking through to the pub, having a laugh....' they didn't even take the CCTV offered to them by a local Indian restaurant. In the end, I ended up parking my car 1.5 miles away at my friends house and walking back home - I did this for over 6 months, before I moved house. Despite it being 8 years ago, me having a different car and having moved twice, I still get paranoid, I still wake up in the night and if I hear a weird sound, I still look out the window to see if my car is OK. 

Despite not sleeping overly well, I got up, made myself breakfast and chatted to my friend for an hour before heading off back home. I did remember to leave her the 'present' that I had promised her - the fake poo! When leaving her house, she said to me, 'So you didn't scent mark my room then?' I replied 'Just go and have a look' :-) I think it looked quite realistic and had me chuckling to myself like a child for a few minutes. Unlike Friday, the M4 was really empty so I made it back in under 3 hours - Just in time for lunch! Lunch was 'the usual' and after unpacking my stuff, I decided to chill for a few hours. 

I seem to have been bitten quite badly by something - Whilst I don't want to accuse my friends cat of having fleas, it's either fleas or mosquitoes and I've not quite worked out, which. Either way, I have a number of bites on both my ankles and they're itching like crazy :-S

Dinner tonight was another BBQ marinated chicken breast with rosemary roasted mini potatoes, steamed carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas and some baby corn - Delicious. I'm just heading out with my Boyfriend to go for a glass of red wine in a local pub and catch up on the weekend :-)

Tomorrow is D-Day. It's the day I sign the job offer to my new job and it's also the day I ask for a meeting with my Boss to try and negotiate a financial settlement.... Let's see how this goes... 

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