Sunday, 27 September 2015

Back home

Well, I'm back home, sat on the sofa with my laptop

The last couple of days of our holiday were amazing - the best day was when we went to the Isla de Mujeres and the Isla de Contoy. Before getting to the Isla de Contoy we went snorkling on a reef and it was just stunning. As I have said before, I'm very uncomfortable wearing a swimming costume in front of strangers - especially when most of them are a size 8 / 10 and incredibly attractive women. However this was something I really wanted to do and I'm so glad I did. My boyfriend and I saw so many different kinds of fish, it was something else! We actually talked about doing 'proper' scuba diving and getting our diving qualification in the future. I'd like to do it now, however I don't think you're able to do that if you're pregnant.

The Isla de Contoy was absolutely beautiful - Only 200 people per day are allowed to visit and not only did we see lots and lots of Iguanas, we also saw some lovely Frigate birds and loads of hermit crabs - I've never seen so many hermit crabs walking across the sand... I love nature and this trip didn't disappoint. 

Unfortunately we did get rather sunburnt on our backs so we spent that night putting 'after sun' on each other! I also started feeling more and more sick so my diet has rapidly dwindled to things that I feel I can eat that won't make me sick. Thankfully, I've not actually been sick so far, but I'm mostly eating fruit and bland foods (although tonight I made my healthy fish and chips which tasted lovely).

On the last day, we had to check out by 11am and then decided to wander around the main shopping centre of Cancun, rather than wait for our taxi. Unfortunately it was raining very heavily so once we'd done all the shopping we wanted, we decided to go into the main marine aquarium and look at all the beautiful fish - after that, it was back to the hotel, taxi to the airport and the 'fun' 9 hour flight back to Gatwick. Unfortunately, our plan was delayed by an hour.... so we got back this morning at 11:30am - I really can't sleep well on public transport of any kind, especially when it's a plane and there's a massive amount of turbulence so I'm rather knackered at the moment.

Thankfully the lovely taxi driver I've employed before to take me to and from the airport for work, was on time as usual so he drove us back home where we did our own washing and my Boyfriend came round to my house to pick me up so we could do some food shopping. We then basically vegged out on the sofa all afternoon watching 2 episodes of 'Hunted' and 'Grand Designs'... Hurrah!

I then started feeling really emotional again as the sickness feeling came back and burst into tears, telling my Boyfriend that I hated being pregnant as I just felt so down. There's nothing he could say, so he just cuddled me, however knowing that this will pass, would be great as at the moment I'm just feeling so up and down still. 

Tomorrow I go back to work which I'm not overly looking forward to, however a necessary evil, I'm afraid. After the food shop, I have a lot of really healthy food and nothing at all that's not protein, fruit and veg (or malt loaf as for some reason, that's my current breakfast of choice). I'm hoping tomorrow won't be too harsh as a first day back and I can ease myself in slowly. I see my counsellor for the first time on Tuesday night in 3 weeks and I'm really looking forward to talking to her about how I feel and how the last few weeks have gone - One moment I'm like 'I can totally be a Mother,' and then it's like 'I can't cope being pregnant, I can't do this'... 

On Thursday, I've got my dentists appointment where I have to have my first ever filling (and therefore there's an injection involved) which is also worrying me - If I were to eat chocolate and binge on unhealthy food, I imagine my mood will go even lower and that's not something I want to happen. Therefore after my lovely dinner of fish, sweet potato chips and mushy peas, I'm going to finish this blog, have a bath and hopefully enjoy a long sleep in my bed - first time I've slept there in over 10 days!

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