Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mexico City

Very short blog as having to use my phone for blogging! Finally made it to Mexico City despite a rather horrendous day of jet lag. 

Upgraded meal on BA flight (paid £16 each to do so) wasn't bad, however there wasn't really any healthy option per se.

Breakfast this morning was yoghurt found in a nearby Starbucks and a cup of very milky tea. Lunch was eaten in the National Anthropology museum which was absolutely amazing to walk round. When I ordered food it was all in Spanish so wasn't totally sure what I was getting.  Turned out to be cheese, chorizo and mushrooms with mini tortilla wraps.

After that, we walked round Chapultec castle and then headed to the zoo. Over 6 hours of walking and 25k of steps.. absolutely knackered!

Emotions wise, I still seem to be up and down,  however this is quite a nerve wracking time for me as I keep worrying about miscarriage and the fact I'm abroad. Jet lag doesn't help maters anyway! 

Mexico seems to be an amazing place - Lots of different food to try. Bought some weird looking things that turned out to be giant quavers just without the cheese. I had one, my boyfriend had the rest :-)

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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