Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lack of appetite in hot weather?

Well, we made it to Cancun!

It wasn't a bad journey really, a bit of turbulence on the flight but nothing I couldn't handle. We spent most of yesterday just chilling in the hotel and exploring the beach and hotel room. The hotel isn't bad at all - It's kinda a time share so loads of rooms and a bit of a maze, however the rooms are huge and the pools are lovely (not gone in them... yet! )

I've really lost my appetite in a big way and haven't really felt hungry for a good few weeks. I don't know if the hot weather in Mexico is the main factor or if it's a side effect if pregnancy,  however it's currently a real effort to eat. I'm trying to be sensible and the number one thing I've been making sure is ensuring I'm hydrated and drinking loads of water.

Dinner last night was 2/3rd vegetable fajitas which were very nice but I couldn't finish them.

Today was a 12 hour tour to Chichen Itza which was absolutely brilliant but knackering and hot! So, so hot. As we were picked up at 7am we were limited to what we could eat for breakfast so ended up buying some small cakes from the hotel shop. Lunch was at 2pm and was a buffet that was included in the tour - I had some fish,  potato salad and normal salad - Unlike in Mexico City, I assumed the salad wouldn't be washed with tap water and therefore was safer to eat.... (so far, so good).

Funnily enough,  the highlight of my day was seeing wild Iguanas. They were all around , just lying on rocks, sunning themselves and one huge one just walked towards us! Unfortunately I realised quite quickly that the Iguana wasn't interested in me, but in the woman eating cheetos,  which she then fed to the Iguana... what idiot does that? :-/ It's not good for them to eat junk food!

The 2.5 hour journey back to our hotel was a bit taxing and now it's 8pm and I'm sat by the pool, watching my boyfriend swim around whilst I write this blog.  I'm feeling a bit grumpy - partly due to being tired but partly because we got a drink at the bar and I went for a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri... and then felt annoyed I can't (or shouldn't) drink alcohol at the moment.

It's a holiday and I'm 100% sober and will potentially remain so for what,  the next  8 months minimum? It's a small thing, but it's frustrating - I think I'm also feeling grumpy as I've not eaten in 7 hours.. yet I'm not remotely hungry. I think I'll try and find something light and healthy on the menu before heading back to the room and watching the Great British Bake off on Iplayer  (Working in IT means I can watch things in different countries as I know how to get round things ;-)).

Another tour tomorrow - I'll try and stop being stroppy and hormonal and just get on with things :-)

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