Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Soup-er Tuesday

It's been a crazy few days

The weekend just gone was lovely, but a little stressful. My boyfriends parents came down from Northumberland and as they are lovely people, it was lovely to see them. As my Boyfriend and I don't live together, they obviously stayed with him, so I joined them on days out, but was happy to have my own space during the night :-) 

On Saturday, we went to the 'Hamble Food Festival' which was lovely. It wasn't very big, but thankfully the weather was nice and we milled around there for 30 minutes before sitting down in a cafe and watching the sea. Unfortunately, food festivals are not really known for their healthy food, so after eating kippers for breakfast, I didn't grab anything from the food festival as wasn't really feeling the pies, quiches or massive sausages in a bun - not that they didn't look appetising, they looked lovely! Lunch time came really quickly so my Boyfriend suggested we go to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport as we were quite close. 

We headed down there and my Boyfriend kindly did a 'pit stop' at a local co-op so I could grab some lunch. I can't say it was the most exciting lunch in the world - a low fat ham and salad sandwich and some low fat 'popped' crisps - especially compared to all the nice things he and his parents were eating at the food festival, but hey... willpower and all that :-)

The Submarine museum was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be and we actually got to go on HMS alliance which was really quite fun. The conditions were pretty cramped and I have to say, I don't think I'd really want to be on a submarine, at the bottom of the sea for days on end without natural sunlight - and the idea of having to evacuate by shooting yourself out the 'escape hatch', sounds terrifying. We spent a good couple of hours there, before having another cup of tea and heading back home.

Saturday night, we went to Loch Fyne - a lovely fish restaurant and this is where it kinda went down hill for me a bit - after being really healthy all day, I did the STUPID thing of weighing myself - I mean, I'm pre menstrual (at least, I hope I am.. I've 5 days late, but have done 2 pregnancy tests and both are currently negative), and I decide to hop on the scales after I've had breakfast and lunch.... 95Kg... so I've put on 4Kg after my 4 weeks of gardening leave and eating utter rubbish. I was actually feeling really positive about myself and how I looked, but seeing that number on the scales ~(as if it matters) made me feel utterly crap.

So I decided to eat 3 courses... Urgh. I had chilli squid tempura.. Sea Food pasta and then a chocolate trio for desert - and 1/3rd of a bottle of red wine. It was lovely, but I was too full and even as I was eating it, I was thinking 'You're doing it to yourself again, you're sabotaging yourself'.

Sunday, I started off OK - We went to the Bourne Mill antiques center and had breakfast. I was going to eat more kippers, but unfortunately after defrosting them, they were off, so instead, I had 2 slices of toast and marmalade, when everyone else had a sausage sandwich or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.... We walked around the antiques centre for ages and for once, I didn't actually buy anything (unlike my Boyfriends parents who are also into antiques and bought stuff). We then headed to a local farmers market (to find things for the BBQ we had decided to do) and then back home. 

By 2:30pm I was starving and we were at a pub... The pub we went to didn't do sandwiches, so the best I could find was 'chilli chips' which were served in a bowl - Hardly the most healthy things, but I didn't want a massive burger or plate of food as we were going to do a BBQ later.  As the weather was utterly beautiful, my Boyfriend fired up the BBQ and we sat out in his garden, chatting - it was lovely, so was the food and after 2 sausages, 1 venison burger, a few strips of BBQ chicken and 1 lamb chop, I called it a day... I didn't want to stuff myself stupid with food like I had on Saturday night. Unfortunately, his Mother had bought lots of M&S mini chocolate bites and flapjacks, and when she offered them to me, I didn't say no...

So yesterday, I went to work feeling a bit 'blurgh'.. my period was 4 days late, I was panicking, I felt fat after my weekend, even though I'd been feeling really good about myself and the trousers that my friend had given me fitted really well, as opposed to before when I put them on and they were tight....  My food intake yesterday was 'OK', I had some malt loaf for breakfast and for lunch, I had a pretty healthy salad from the canteen - only a medium size and not too much coleslaw, just chicken, one boiled egg, some chickpeas, butterbeans etc... No dressing at all. As I was seeing my lovely vegan friend last night, I had to quickly think of something to get her, so in the end, I bought us some spiced McCain potato wedges, some pita breads and some hummus and chucked the chips in the oven as soon as I got back home.

So yeah, not overly bad at all, really.. but I need to really sort my head out, as I really don't want to go back to where I was a few weeks ago, especially as I've managed to turn things around and get back on the healthy eating wagon with some much 'ooopmh'. I went food shopping this morning and not only bought more pregnancy tests (honestly, I'm freaking out here...) but some Covent Garden Lentil and Bacon soup for lunch and will eat some for lunch, some for dinner with a crusty roll. 

Despite it being nearly 10;00am... I thought I'd blog first, then eat breakfast, so I am now going to grab a cup of tea and some malt loaf and grapes and crack on with work...

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