Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wicked Wednesday

Today has been a good day...

Despite it being incredibly windy (which meant I had to sleep downstairs on the sofa as unfortunately when it's windy my house emits a weird 'meeeeeaaaaah' kind of high pitch screaming sound which keeps me awake) today has been pretty good, both in terms in work and what I shoved in my gob.

Breakfast was the obligatory porridge and blueberries, followed by a cheeky Marks and Spencer Fuller for Longer Turkey, Pastrami and Emmental Cheese Flatbread / Honey Barbecue Wholegrain Snacks for lunch and for dinner, I made vegan red lentil and squash dhal - As I have only recently made a dhal it wouldn't have been my first choice, however tonight I had my lovely vegan friend round, so we munched on that whilst watching our favourite show 'Geordie Shore' :-) 

I've made it quite a lot of times before and it stores in the fridge really well - You can find the recipe here:

Whilst it's only been two days, I'm still feeling extraordinarily motivated and keen to continue my healthy eating. I've read quite a lot of weight loss blogs and one thing that has stuck in my head is that I shouldn't use food to reward myself - So I've decided that if I can continue to healthy until the end of the month, I'm going to get false eyelashes again - I think most people think 'drag queen' when you say false eyelashes and to be honest, the first time I had them done - that's how I felt, as I had some that were far too long and I felt really self concious. However, I thought I may as well try again and the 'technician' (yup, apparently they are called eyelash technicians!) listened to me and gave me quite short ones which I really liked and I actually felt more positive about myself.

And that's kinda how I want to feel all the time - good about myself.... 

And if it's going to take a good few months, or even years, to get down to the size I'd like - I may as well focus on other things to make me feel good about myself, whilst still continuing to eat healthy!

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