Friday, 15 May 2015

A healthy choice in Greek restaurants?

Help! Once again I'm out with people in a restaurant I've not planned! 

Despite the incredibly wet weather in London yesterday, it didn't stop the enjoyment of seeing and spending time with my two youngest sisters. We met after work and headed back to my sisters flat in North London - after the delicious sushi I had at lunch time, I was actually quite happy to eat more Japanese food, however my sister suggested we try a Greek restaurant which is close to where she lives called 'Otto'.

As the world doesn't revolve around me and because I'm pretty happy shoving most food in my mouth, I said that's fine, however did say 'As long as there's a healthy option on the menu'. 

The menu was amazing and instantly we got a massive basket of bread and hummus - it looked amazing, however considering 100g of hummus apparently contains on average, between 300-350 calories, I knew that if I ate lots of it, it would probably contribute to my butt staying the same size for a bit longer. The square of bread I had was amazing, the hummus was delicious, but I stopped there - I tried it, but didn't want to spoil my meal or eat for the sake of it.

I also skipped the starter - they looked amazing and I'm not going to lie, it was really, really hard seeing both my sisters eating lovely feta cheese parcels and crispy calamari, however again, I didn't want to eat more than I needed and also wanted to make a healthy choice.

One thing I didn't realise - Greek food tends to have quite a big fish section in the menu, at least this place certainly did - Sea bass, salmon, all kinds of interesting and tasty sounding dishes. I chose a 'spicy fish stew' which came with vegetables and rice.

It was delicious - and very filling and I didn't feel guilty or 'bad' about eating it. I can't say I had any idea of the calories, however as the sauce wasn't cream based but tomato based, I don't think it was as high as it could have been and it was delicious, containing mussels, salmon, sea bass, prawns -  Lots of protein and healthy fats :-)

I can't say I go to a lot of Greek restaurants so, unlike Japanese or British restaurants, I'm not as good as choosing the really healthy options, however I need to take a pragmatic approach and remember: This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and one I want to enjoy and just make sensible choices.

After a lovely evening and night with my sister, I headed back from London this morning - I've never seen the tube so quiet! Got back in the office about 8:45 and am now just looking forward to going home and seeing what amazing vegetables have been delivered to me in my organic vegetable delivery - It's almost like getting a present each week!

TFI Friday! :-)

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