Sunday, 24 May 2015

Slumming it Sunday

Sometimes the mundane days are the days I need the most willpower

Sunday has been lovely - nothing crazy, nothing different, but just, nice... I saw my sister and my lovely niece and we went for a walk, fed the ducks and caught up. It's funny, as I don't have any children of my own (yet), the first 18 months of my nieces life seemed rather boring - as she was mostly an eating, pooping, crying machine - seeing her today and talking to her in coherent sentences was both amazing and slightly unnerving.

Going for a walk in the park and feeding the ducks was both nice to get out and also nice to spend time with my sister - She only lives 40 miles away, but because we both work and she has a child and a Husband, it's been hard to see her as much as I used to - It feels only yesterday all 3 of my sisters and I were at home, in Wiltshire, trying to kill each other as children! :-)

My sister gave me the massive bag of rhubarb that my Mother had kindly passed her to give to me. Apparently she has been overrun with rhubarb in her garden so was trying to find people to give it to - I mentioned I'd be happy to take some off her hands and try and find some low fat recipes to use it in, so she harvested a massive bag of the stuff (watch this space for low fat recipes using rhubarb in the next few days!).

It's been an odd day in terms of food -
Breakfast was porridge as per usual, however lunch was some slices of chicken and a snack-pack of malt loaf. Dinner was a lean gammon steak, some sweet potato chips and half a tin of BBQ Beans. Hardly the most un-processed of meals, however not laden in either fat or calories. I don't have anything fresh in at the moment and as I spent all of yesterday with my boyfriend and all of today with my sister, I've not been able to do a proper food shop!

The fact I'm not working tomorrow is absolutely brilliant. A lovely day with a friend beckons :-)

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