Monday, 4 May 2015

So, my trousers seem to be tight again

I am so sick and tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see.

I've tried so many diets - I lost 4 stone on the Slim Fast plan in 2002 and put 5 back on, I lost 6 stone on the GI diet and put it all back on... Whilst I'm not at the heaviest I've ever been (19 stone / 266 lbs if you're not based in the UK), I know I'm about 15 stone and I know that my size 16 trousers only fit as I've stretched them in the last few months.

Thing is, I'm not stupid - well, not in some ways.. I've got a Ph.D for Christs sake.. I've got a professional career in a Senior job - Turns out I can do well in exams and manage people at work, however I can't seem to stop stuffing chocolate or cake in my mouth when I'm feeling unhappy. There seems to be the stereotype that fat people are somehow stupid - whilst I'd like to think I challenge that stereotype, I guess there's no hiding away from the fact that the reason I'm overweight is because I eat too much and don't exercise enough.

So what's different? Well, nothing at the moment, except I decided to use the Bank Holiday Monday to cut my grass and wore an old pair of tracksuit bottoms that used to fit, however were having a fight with my butt this morning - I wanted to wear them... however my arse was having none of it - Looking into the mirror at my half-pulled up tracksuit bottoms over my thighs was not a very attractive sight...

I did a search for Blogs on weight loss and found copious amounts of them - however a lot didn't seem to be updated daily and a lot were American. As I'm not Xenophobic, that isn't exactly an issue, however it's nice to think that when someone posts a picture of a 'healthy and low fat food', it would be nice to think I could actually buy it in the Supermarket!

So these are my promises: 

1. I will try and update this Blog at least 5 times a week

2. I will be completely honest about what happened during my day
3. I will buy (and fit into) size 14 trousers by Christmas
4. I will not try any weird faddy diets or undertake any strange eating habits
5. I will share any tips / awesome things I've found that have helped me lose weight

I do have willpower.. After all, I managed to stick to the Slimfast plan for months (and back then, the shakes were even more minging than they are now.. and the pasta was utterly vile!) so let's see how I go......

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