Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sushi in London

I think they're all a bunch of idiots, but I did vote!

So after I had eaten breakfast, I went to vote - This proved more problematic than I estimated as I seemed to have lost my keys. I knew they were in the house somewhere as I'd deadlocked the front door, however it took me 20 minutes of faffing around to find them :-/ Once I had found them (after nearly resorting to going out the back door and using my spare car key) I went off to vote and then headed to London.

Before going to the office, I took a pit-stop in Pacadilly as I wanted to go to the Japan centre to get some sushi for both lunch and dinner. I love Japanese food, especially sushi. 'Urgh, I hate raw fish' is what I'm usually told when I tell people I eat it regularly... but here's the thing: It's not raw fish - Sushi actually means literally 'Vinegar flavoured rice' Raw fish is actually 'Sashimi' and there is so much more to sushi than fish... You can eat it even if you are vegan (cucumber maki, for example....). 

I got there at 9:40, only to be told they don't actually open until 10:00, which was a bit of a pain, so after grabbing a quick cup of tea in Costa, I wandered in to grab some lovely food, however sadly a lot of the shelves were empty as they hadn't put any out yet! I have to say, it was a bit frustrating - It's lovely as it's so fresh, however I really wished there was more variety - there's usually loads.

I know loads of people eat sushi, but some of you guys seem to be scared to make it - Honestly, it's really easy! The first couple of times I was rather reticent, however once you've tried a couple of times, it's not as fiddly as you think and is really, really yummy - you don't even really need to go to any 'specialist' shops as you can buy most of the things in a large supermarket...

The first picture below is stuff I made in 2014 - I've done it about 20 times now and my friends and family always seem to be pleased :-) The second picture is the Sushi I bought from the Japan Centre - just as yummy!

Work actually went OK today again - I actually think it was the least stressed I've been for about a month which is so welcome at the moment, especially when there's still issues in one of the areas that I manage. 

After noshing on the yummy Sushi for both lunch and dinner, I watched the most amazing film ever: 'Zombeavers' Yup.. it really was that bad ;-) Still, after 'Sharknado', I guess there's no stopping the crazy animal horror films.

As I'm usually busy each night, I really find it hard to meal plan and buy healthy food - This means that when I do go food shopping, I'm usually tempted to buy random things that I find as sadly I am rather influenced by marketing :-( Therefore, to try and stop this from happening, I did an online Sainsburys order which arrived bang on 9:00pm tonight!

I have to say, I've been doing online Sainsburys orders for about 4 years now, ever since I moved house and they've always been right on time and the drivers always seem really nice, really friendly and chatty! I've got quite a few new recipes to try for next week, so I'm looking forward to trying new things and continuing to healthy eat :-)

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