Thursday, 14 May 2015

I've found new clothes I LOVE!


I really don't like going clothes shopping at the moment - I find it really
embarrassing to go into shops, pick something up and try it on, especially if it doesn't fit in the changing room and then when the nice, smiley shop assistant says, 'Any good?' and you mumble 'No, doesn't sit right', rather than the truth which is 'No, I can't fit it over my head / butt as I'm too fat' 

Then you have to face up to the fact that you're not actually the size you thought you were, and that the only reason you can fit into your size 14 / 16 jeans is because you've stretched them... and you've just lived in fantasy world for the last few months...

Then of course, there's shopping online, which is great - but oddly, things don't usually look as good on me as they do on the models, so they have to go back, which is effort packing stuff back up and taking it to the post office... 

It's just effort - Plus the stuff I buy isn't amazing, it's 'OK', it covers me, but I can't say I like wearing it, it's almost as if I try and find the plainest, baggiest stuff I can get away with wearing.... 

However, I was looking online for some T-shirts and I actually found some I liked, so I thought 'What the Hell, they probably won't fit, but I'll order them'.

And they came today.


I love them... and they fit... and I think I look GOOD in them!

I ordered 3 T shirts and they look pretty nice - I think I'd look better if my shape wasn't as 'bumpy' as it currently is, however one looks awesome (I think) It's slightly see though, with an owl on it... and it's a M/L - I mean, me! wearing something that's a M/L that fits and I really like! This is me, who usually loves monotone things, not things with patterns or pictures :-)

I'm really excited - I now have things for the summer that I can wear now, that I don't have to slim down for and that I feel good about wearing.... 

Dorothy Perkins - I'm very impressed :-)

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