Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Why do you want to lose weight?

What makes you want to lose weight? 

I think everyone has different motivations when it comes to weight loss. I mean, I've got 2 friends - both of whom have undertaken weight loss surgery... one had the gastric band 2 years ago and one had a gastric bypass just before Christmas. Both have lost a LOT of weight, however the one who had the gastric band said she only did it as she desperately wants children with her Husband and felt that the slimmer she was, the more chance she would have of getting pregnant. She actually made a point of saying 'If I didn't want kids, I wouldn't bother, as I'm happy the size I am'

The other friend who had the gastric bypass said she did it because she always had problems with her weight, and that she wasn't happy with how she looked - I think I can identify more with this friend as I feel quite similar. 

At the moment, over 50% of my wardrobe is unwearable as it's too small and I'm loathed to get rid of things as they're really nice! I've got some lovely bootcut jeans from NEXT which I feel really good in, when I wear them - I've also got some beautiful tops from Desigual which I've never even worn.

Take the one below...

I love this top - it's beautiful. It's V neck, which is perfect as I have a rather large chest.. it's a lovely colour and is quite long in the body, so I won't have to continually worry about flesh showing, even when I bend over - it's perfect! It's also a size XXL and despite that, is far too tight to wear at the moment. As Desigual is a fashion brand, I believe XXL means 'About a size 14' even when they state it's between a 16-18... 

Yet despite it being in my wardrobe for over 18 months, I've never worn it - you can still see the tag on it! It's sat in my wardrobe as I can't fit in it... it's so, frustrating! So.. what am I going to do about it? Keep it there for another 20 years and maybe auction it off on eBay as antique or retro clothing? 

Nope.. I'm going to continue to keep eating healthily and wear it at Christmas :-)

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