Thursday, 3 September 2015

My weight graph

Sometimes a visual aid can help quite a lot.

In terms of healthy eating, today has been great - at the end of this week I'll have been healthy eating for 3 weeks and at the moment, I'm still feeling incredibly motivated and still want to reach my goal of size 14 trousers by Christmas.

Breakfast was malt loaf and a banana - My penultimate breakfast as I only have one banana left and after that, I'm thinking I'll switch to something else so I don't get bored :-) Lunch was a really nice BBQ chicken and bacon salad - I only needed one of the 'Be good to yourself' rashers of bacon to make it taste really nice (1.2g of fat and 65 calories per slice) which was a cunning plan indeed.... I also added approx 35g of cheese which made it taste AMAZING - You don't actually need a lot of cheese to create something that feels really luxurious but isn't too unhealthy for you..

Working from home, I had a few moments in the afternoon to faff around on my laptop as I was on a conference call where I didn't need to input anything. Whilst sorting out some of my folders, I came across my weight tracker that I started in January 2015. This was my 'last' attempt at weight loss which lasted 3 months before I gave up, got in a negative thought cycle and ate crap for a few months until I started this blog.

Since I had a few moments, I updated the graph with the results I have posted in my weigh-ins page and this is what it has looked like this year.

Considering how bad I've felt for the last few weeks about 'pigging out' on my garden leave, I'm actually pretty chuffed about the downward trend. You can see I started off at 104Kg on 2nd January 2015 and in July I was 91Kg - 13Kg lost? That's rather spiffing :-) 

You can also see where my weight went back up after my 3 month 'Sod it, I've broken my diet so I'll just eat crap again' mindset - However in less than 3 months, I had decided to start this blog and get back into the healthy eating mindset. 

I've not weighed myself for the last 6 weeks, but I plan to do so at the end of this month. I'd really like to see a figure under 91Kg, however even if it's more, there's no way it will be a lot more (in my opinion) and I can get cracking on seeing 'eight something' on the scales before too long.

That makes me feel really good about myself - it also goes to demonstrate that one meal, or even one day or a whole blinking week doesn't make a difference in the 'overall life plan' and that I really shouldn't be so controlling in regards to what I eat. However I find it really hard to practice what I preach.

The rest of the day went quite well and was quite productive - after work I went to see my beautician friend who gave me a lovely facial and waxed my eyebrows (ouch!). Despite it now being after normal work hours I actually have a conference call with America in a few minutes which should be interesting as it's providing guidance to people in America about something I know but haven't ever actually done... I'm actually slightly nervous as it's incredibly Senior people so I don't want to cock it up or come across as an idiot.... Fingers crossed it goes well :-)

Dinner tonight was a bit of an odd one - I decided to 'slum' it a bit and get some ready made carrot and swede mash from Sainsburys with some broccoli. I know it sounds a bit weird, but I wanted something filling as it's getting colder outside and for the last few days I've not only been wearing a jumper inside but also fluffy slippers as my feet are constantly cold.

I'm really looking forward to the end of the week - not only because it's been a lot more mentally challenging than last week but also because on Saturday morning I can pee on a stick and find out whether or not my life will drastically change in 9 months time... This will be... interesting!

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