Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Courgette pasta with pesto, bacon and asparagus

It's been a very odd day

In regards to healthy eating, it's been great. Banana and slice of malt loaf for breakfast, salmon sushi for lunch, bakewell nakd bar as a snack and the lovely courgette pasta with pesto, bacon and asparagus for dinner (which turned out incredibly well and I am definitely loving my new spiraliser!)

One of my sisters had an interview in Canary Wharf and I managed to meet her for lunch which was lovely. We headed out to the nearest sushi place and caught up - She told me all about her interview and what she's been doing for the past few weeks and I did the same. One thing that I hadn't mentioned, was that on Saturday, when I had my hair appointment, the stylist found a small bald spot. She said it was probably nothing, but as I know it's been there for a YEAR, she said I should go to the Doctors and check it out, in case it's alopecia. This has really worried me - my hair is kind of my 'crowning glory' and the prospect of losing that is just... really terrifying.

We also chatting about my parents - A couple of months ago I was due to see my parents for a meal after work. I had booked the restaurant and my Mother sent me a few texts which seemed really awkward... Like telling me I should inform the restaurant that my Father is diabetic (he's been diabetic for over 25 years and neither her or I have ever informed a restaurant before)... Then, 2 days before she sent 

'Does the restaurant serve drinks i.e. lager? If not, your Father will decline your kind offer xx'

I was really, really upset, so cancelled and haven't spoken to him since - I mean, seriously, why kind of person can't do without lager for 2 hours? When my sister was seeing my parents a couple of days ago, this came up and my Father was shocked to hear that I was upset and that was the reason I hadn't been in contact. Turns out he apparently never said such a thing and was incredibly upset that my Mother could lie - When confronted, apparently my Mother went really quiet. I mean.. What the hell? Honestly? Why would anyone lie about that?

I was supposed to be seeing my friend after work, however she cancelled, then tried to meet me and when I said I could still meet, said she'd just spoken to her Husband and needed to go home. Thankfully I assumed I wouldn't be seeing her so wasn't too disappointed and managed to get the train home at the normal time. I nipped into the supermarket quickly on the way back and got to work on my new creation.

I have to say, it was incredibly tasty, however there was a lot of washing up to do... the spiraliser... the pan I fried the bacon in (with one-calorie spray oil) the steamer that I used for the asparagus, the colander, the pan I boiled the courgette pasta in... Just lots of stuff to wash up.

Nevertheless, I think it was worth it, although I know I'm not the most amazing food photographer, it was really filling and I didn't feel a total pig eating two courgettes worth of 'pasta'. Now I'm chilling on my sofa, watching 'Catfish' and catching up on emails to friends. Tomorrow I'm working from home and then tomorrow night, I'm seeing my beautician friend to get my eyebrows waxed and a facial... I would say it takes effort to be gorgeous, however I don't think I am, however try and keep the the monster at bay :-)

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