Sunday, 20 September 2015

Are grasshoppers healthy?

Day 3 done in Mexico City and once again it's been amazing. Today was a food tour and whilst I couldn't drink the mescal or have the unpasteurised cheeses, the grasshoppers, flowers and passion fruit jam were fantastic.

We met our tour guide at a local market and she told us about the history of coffee and other food stuffs. We then went around the place, trying different things. She did try and get me to eat the soft cheeses and for the first time ever, I said I couldn't as I was pregnant... saying it out loud just feels, well.. weird, but it did mean she didn't offer me alcohol at the next stand :-)

By far the weirdest one was the 'grasshopper stand'. You could have them with lemon, chilli or garlic. We tried some of each! I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food and so long as it doesn't hurt 'the thing', I'm still up for anything. They tasted OK really, kinda just crunchy with seasoning.

The flowers were interesting as well - Not sure I'd eat them day to day but just learning what Mexican people eat was really interesting. After the food mark, we went to a market selling China,  clothes, touristy bits and bobs and said goodbye to the guide who was lovely.

As we had eaten random things in the morning, we had a late lunch of fish tacos and pork tacos - it was funny ordering off the menu as it was all in Spanish so we made educated guesses as to what we were going to get :-)

The rest of the day was spent looking inside the beautiful cathedral and wandering up and down the streets full of stalls. Our taxi driver picked us up at 4pm and took us back to our hotel. Another really cultured and fun day and yet another day where we hit our 10k steps target!

Last night we had traditional Mexican food which was lovely - tonight I think we are going to see what else we can find :-)

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