Friday, 4 September 2015

A very chilled Friday night with good news

I am really glad it's Friday

It's been quite a stressful week in some ways - although still nowhere near as stressful as it's been in the last few months. I guess the 'big' news is, that I don't seem to be pregnant which I'm incredibly relieved about this month. As I said before, my Boyfriend and I are of the 'If it happens, it happens' mindset - However if it had happened this month, I wouldn't have been eligible for enhanced maternity at work... and as that's 90% of your salary for 3 months... that would have been a real issue. Not the end of the world, but it will make things a lot easier now. My period is still late, but I think that's just due to the fact I started my new job a few weeks ago, so I think that threw things out a bit.

In terms of healthy eating - today I have mostly been eating... Japanese! I had a banana and malt loaf for breakfast, followed by a salmon donburi for lunch - I went to a new Japanese place for lunch with one of my colleagues and it was really nice. I opted for their 'brown rice and lentils' donburi for £0.50 more, and it was incredibly yummy. 

After work, I took a trip to Picadilly circus to grab more sushi from the Japan Centre and not only got a chicken teryaki don, but also got 3 inari pockets (tofu pockets with rice) but a raspberry and chocolate mochi, which is kinda like a raspberry rice ball, with chocolate inside of it - it's quite small (you can eat it in 2 bites), but incredibly nice.

As I took a detour after work, I didn't actually get back until 7pm and I was really tired - travelling on an extra 3 tubes after work really takes it out of you and I guess I'm still not really used to commuting on the tube in London, at rush hour - especially on a Friday!

I'm now on my sofa, snuggled up in my PJ's and massive bath robe with my slippers on and feeling quite chilled and relaxed. My Boyfriend's parents are now down and they've all gone out for dinner (which I was thoughtfully invited to) however as I had sushi and am rather tired, I'll just see them tomorrow instead.

After I blogged last night, I decided I'd try some of the suit trousers on that my friend gave me a few weeks ago as they were too big for her - I thought they'd be too tight for me, and indeed a couple were - however one suit fits PERFECTLY, I'm actually really surprised but happy that one looks fantastic, so I now have a new grey and white striped suit to wear for work... I recall it being slightly tight when I tried it on at my friends house so that suggests I've lost weight? Urgh.. I want to weigh myself but I will try to resist - especially as I'm probably only 1-2 days off having my period, the worst time to weigh yourself, ever!

It really does seem to be getting colder now, so I think for the rest of the evening I'm going to put some candles on, and snuggle into my bath robe even more and start the count down to my holiday to Mexico! Less than 2 weeks to go :-)

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